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2828 REGAL LNCINCINNATI, OH 45251 United States

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Mission Statement

Camp BYOC’s mission is "to ignite a passion for technology" in youth by exposing them to the fundamentals of computer hardware and software. Youth get an accelerated dip into the world of technology. Grants and donations make the programs accessible to all levels of the community. Camp BYOC believes that all children with drive and interest should have an opportunity to participate.


Robin Walker, a former IT Manager at Procter & Gamble, founded Camp BYOC (Build Your Own Computer) in 2014. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio it was formed in recognition of the need to close the technology gap that exists for minority youth. Upon retiring and after starting her own venture, CDM Technologies, Ms. Walker created the camp with a focus on African American youth in technology.

The lives of several youth have been impacted. Several are now either very interested in or are attending school to pursue careers in technology. In 2017, Camp BYOC became a 501 (c) 3 organization under the name "Academy for Technologists Extraordinaire, Inc".

Camp BYOC offers camps, clubs and activities year round.

Exploration: We showcase technologies allowing youth to find their interests.

Hands-on Experience Building a Computer: As campers build a computer they gain experience in the mechanics of assembly and the science of the technology.

Build Technology Expertise: Our development stages allow campers to go deeper into the technologies, building technical skills that are used in high school and beyond.

Saturday Fall-Spring Clubs: Weekly sessions are held on Saturdays.

Special activities are held periodically.


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