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Mission Statement

Colorado House Rabbit Society is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), rescue and educational organization. The Colorado House-Rabbit Society has two purposes: 1) To work with animal shelters,taking rabbits (when we have space) who would otherwise be euthanized. 2) To educate the public concerning rabbits, their characteristics, and their care. Our rescue work includes rehabilitating mistreated rabbits, both physically and psychologically. All of our rabbits are spayed/neutered,socialized,and litter trained. We find them permanent homes as house rabbits, guaranteeing to help solve any problems that may occur throughout the rabbits' lives.


The Colorado House-Rabbit Societyis licensed by the National House-Rabbit Society. We are made up entirely of volunteers. There are no paid positions. Every penny of all donations goes to helping the rabbits. We rescue and rehabilitate homeless, abandoned house rabbits. Affectionate, litter-trained, spayed or neutered rabbits are then available for adoption. We also provide education about rabbits.


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by Tracy D. (2014-09-10 14:44:18.0)
CO HRS is a fabulous organization! I've had three bunnies, and they were so helpful in providing education and support. I can't say enough good things about them. Everyone there is very knowledgeable. They all care deeply for the bunnies and work so hard -- giving tons of time and love -- to ensure the bunns are happy and healthy. Through the years, I've volunteered with them in a number of capacities. I'm glad I did and enthusiastically recommend others get involved! (Plus, all the bunns are so darn cute and soft. You'll totally melt.)
by Jessica S. from Broomfield, CO (2013-08-22 17:05:14.0)
I've worked in various capacities with the bunnies in this shelter for 5 years now and LOVE being part of the team of volunteers. The orientation and training are terrific, so I felt right off that I could do my jobs well. It's a friendly, well-organized place with many opportunities for helping the wonderful bunnies who make it their home until they can be matched with their "forever family". If you love animals and want to make a meaningful difference for some very deserving rabbits, this is the place you want to volunteer!
by Sarah L. (2011-12-12 08:57:31.0)
I have been one of the toy makers for a few years on and off and I LOVE IT! Making the toys for the rabbits in the shelter to play with and helping raise much needed funds for CO-HRS make it worth the work. I recently got my mother-in-law to help me and we made some really fun and creative toys in only a few hours! I was able to pick out the toys I was interested in making, then was given all the materials and started to work! The folks down at CO-HRS are very passionate and go WAY above and beyond to make sure the rabbits get what they need and more. I cannot say enough good about CO-HRS!