National Volunteer Week 2021 Is Here!

Join us for a week of exciting and educational events showcasing the artists, designers, musicians, filmmakers, authors, fashion and beauty changemakers who are lighting up our screens and airwaves to shift our consciousness and conversations for good.

Celebrate with us as we highlight #ArtAsActivism!
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Mission Statement

Our primary purpose is provide students with a foundational understanding of a broad range of disciplines, while creating an educational atmosphere that students will love being around. Our programs are intended to empower students to tackle challenges and take on experiences that may be new to them. We encourage our students to pursue their dreams and pave the way for successful, inspiring careers. Reach out today if you want to learn more.


Reject to Asset (RTA) is a program created to give the opportunity to become an Asset to God, themselves, family and society.

Putting God first and putting faith to work with belief that faith without work is dead.

Providing a full mentoring program to build faith and new habits. From confidence, self motivation, diligence, focus, obedience. Eliminating fear, insecurity, and bad habits that cause self-sabotage. "Vice versa viral virus"

Each student will be enrolled into college and placed with a tutor. For the online courses. A no student left behind program that starts with the first phase of Housing.

Each student will also be housed on our campus. An eight bedroom mansion in a totally new environment to aid in focus and the vision for a new life. Simply providing support and resources others have put out of their reach.


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