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The Millennium Project is a global participatory think tank established in 1996 under the American Council for the United Nations University that became independent in 2009 and has grown to 63 Nodes around the world (an MP Node is a group of institutions and individuals the connect local and global perspectives). Purpose: Improve humanity’s prospects for building a better future. Mission: Improve thinking about the future and make that thinking available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today. Vision: A global foresight network of Nodes, information, and software, building a global collective intelligence system recognized for its ability to improve prospects for humanity. A think tank on behalf of humanity, not on behalf of a government, or an issue, or an ideology, but on behalf of building a better future for all of us.


The Millennium Project was founded in 1996 as a global participatory think tank after a three-year feasibility study under the United Nations University. It is now an independent 501C3 US corporation since 2009. It has created systems for people to think together about the future in an organized, trans-institution, accumulative way via 63 Nodes around the world (groups of institutions and individuals that connect local thought leaders with global research) using Real-Time Delphi software and the Global Futures Intelligence System to produce the annual State of the Future reports since 1997 with 15 Global Challenges that provide a framework for understanding and tracking global change. It also produces the annual global State of the Future Index (SOFI) since 2000 with 30 variables selected and weighted by experts selected by the Nodes around the world and has also produced several national SOFIs. Its Futures Research Methodology 3.0 is the largest internationally peer-reviewed collection of methods to explore the future ever assembled with 37 Methods, 39 Chapters, 1,300 pages updated online. Bringing it all together into a common platform is the Global Futures Intelligence System .


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