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Mission Statement

PalsNPets, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to minimizing the barriers faced by homeless pet owners when striving for a better life. We are a different kind of organization dedicated solely to this group who are often the most in need of help. We believe homeless pet owners have the greatest potential to turn their lives around.


People sometimes see a homeless person with a pet and feel that the pet can’t be getting the care it deserves. But often the homeless take great care of their pets.

They will feed their pet - even when it means going without food or nourishment themselves. And their pet has constant companionship.

The real problem is most shelters and support services aren’t pet friendly. The homeless are forced to choose between accepting a bed or staying with the pet they love. Many choose to sleep on the streets - giving up shelter and safety, in order to be with their closest friend in life.

Here at PalsNPets we’re changing all that! We understand the value of pets to the homeless... Pets give companionship and love to someone whose life could feel empty. And the need to care for and nurture a living animal adds a valuable sense of purpose and a reason to live.
We believe that having a pet increases the chances that a homeless person will turn their life around. So our mission is to offer shelter and co-ordinate services both for the person and their pet. Keeping the two together and offering hope and care to both is our main goal...


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