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Atlantic Institute

Cause Area

  • Arts & Culture
  • Community
  • International
  • Race & Ethnicity



Organization Information

Mission Statement

Seeking and creating opportunities for dialogue between individuals and communities. Contributing to the local and global peace by promoting values such as; respect, acceptance, dialogue, love, richness of faith and culture over centuries of time. At Atlantic Institute, we approach our world with realistic optimism to build a better future for tomorrow. We believe that small positive actions can make significant changes in our lives and the world We choose to face the challenges of our world by offering solutions through dialogue and education as well as organizing cultural activities and humanitarian works.


We live in a global world that requires understanding, goodwill, and peace among all of humanity, and it is an important goal that we must work toward. The social media, internet, and other communication tools provide many different ways of interacting with others. People from different geographies and cultures are now in constant communication. While engaging with others in far distances, we are neglecting to communicate with the people we live with in our same community. The concept of friendship and neighborhood has changed dramatically. Someone could make a friend from the other part of world and culture through social media while not seeking to ask the next door neighbor's name.

Atlantic Institute was founded to bridge the deep gap of social interaction, to promote respecting differences, and to commit to the common good in the State of South Carolina.

The volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute want to put "the American Dream" into practice as in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr.: "The American Dream, the dream of men of all races, creeds, national backgrounds, living together as brothers." Volunteers and members of Atlantic Institute pursue happiness in the happiness of others through volunteerism and philanthropy. Atlantic Institute members and volunteers have been working diligently to fulfill the above mentioned principles in the State of South Carolina.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy coming to our many events that we put together and continue to help us share in dialogue.

Dr. Akif Aydin, President


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by alice c. from Portland, OR (December 16, 2019)
This is a message for Kathy H. from Columbia, SC (November 6, 2018) who has left a comment. I have recently volunteered for the March event. It took about a week to get a reply. Maybe they weren't ready and you would re-apply, or directly email one of the listed representatives.
by Kathy H. from Columbia, SC (November 6, 2018)
I never heard anything back from them. The event isn't until after Christmas, but I sent a reply in the beginning of October. I keep getting them listed as a potential for me. Y'all have contacted me already to ask if I heard anything. My answer is still no. I am still interested. What should I do?

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