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Mission Statement

Animama is not for profit project which supports mothers in the developing world by providing education through animations. Animama’s vision is to use mobile technologies and the growing access to Internet to educate parents in the developing world about child’s health and child development. Knowledge is power and Animama aims at empowering mothers by boosting their parenting knowledge and skills. The audio-visual medium helps to convey effectively health messages to illiterate populations. The need for such educational resources is shared by many NGOs who try to disseminate health information in the developing world. Animama will utilise knowledge of a new field in the health industry called mHealth (mobile health). https://vimeo.com/267343561


The Need

Millions of children under the age of 5 suffer or die every year in the developing world from illnesses which can be easily prevented or treated.

With the right knowledge we believe that mothers can prevent and treat many of these childhood illnesses.

A Solution

Our animations bring health messages to life. They help boost education like many other primary prevention programs.

Animations are very effective in communicating health information in a clear and engaging manner. They are an effective tool for health workers to use to educate mothers.

Our short animations are easy to follow. They show mothers how to keep their babies and young children safe, healthy and well developed. They are designed to communicate with illiterate and low literacy women from rural and remote areas of the developing world.

The animations are culturally appropriate, offered in several languages and follow international standards for health information.

Our animations are delivered free of charge over the internet, mobile devices and local television. This technology enables us to reach large numbers of women around the world.

Advances in technology means that over the next few years more and more women will be able to access knowledge that empowers them.


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