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1673 W MAMMOTH DRUPLAND, CA 91784 United States

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Mission Statement

Our Mission is to foster the international relationships between the youth of countries from around the world in a philanthropic organization committed to cultural exchange, community service, leadership development and cultural experiences. The Purpose of UCEUS is to provide opportunities for students to become involved in global community service and to also enjoy their international relationships they develop in educational and cultural activities.


Youth from other countries come to the USA to learn about American traditions and culture. However the exchange becomes a two way street as our students share their own cultures, traditions, holidays and language with their host families.

Profound changes are occurring all around us. It has become an important and essential task for Americans to cope with such change and broaden and strengthen the ties of mutual understanding that binds the hearts of various nations.

Americans can undertake the exchange of young people who are going to shoulder the future of their countries, including the exchange of students and other young people. It is very necessary to expand the thinking of our youth around the world through living our lives as an example of global understand. We can do this by opening up our lives, homes and families to an international student that is wanting to come to America and learn all they can about us.

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