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Mission Statement

Grindtime paves a path to success for all school-aged students by providing a stable foundation for every student and student-athlete living in low-income communities who may have college or career ambitions. Our program welcomes diversity and instills the belief that any child can excel, pursue their passions and achieve their dreams and goals. We use athletics as a gateway to success in all aspects of life, including school, family, faith, and career. Our program develops the athletic and academic skill and mindset of all students as well as prospective student-athletes who statistics say may not make it past their first year in a college, let alone complete high school. We believe at Grindtime that, by mentoring and coaching young aspiring students and student-athletes, they will become productive, goal-oriented, charitable citizens who demonstrate excellence at all times.


At Grindtime we believe that all children in low-income communities should have the opportunity for mentorship and guidance on their path to academic, athletic and career achievement. Our program focuses on three key areas: Athletics, Academics, and Mentorship. We are committed to providing academic and athletic workshops for both students and families to bring awareness to the college and athletic recruitment process, build character, and instill the qualities of excellence and hard work in each of our student-athletes. We recognize that athletics or four-year institutions may not be the path for every child, but by providing committed mentorship and acting as a guiding light of a positive role model, we trust that our children will make good decisions that will positively impact their lives. We believe that if we equip our students and families with the foundational keys to success and provide continued support throughout and beyond high school graduation, we can help improve the retention for college and career completion.


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