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Mission Statement

To combat food insecurity today and tomorrow by growing food and farmers.


Feed Iowa First, a 501c(3) nonprofit, was established in 2011 to confront food insecurity. By partnering with schools, faith organizations, community agencies and businesses, Feed Iowa First finds open spaces to grow and donate nutritious produce. In 2017, nearly 33,000 lbs. of produce was distributed to over 500 food insecure individuals with use of a mobile food pantry that allows individuals to select the produce they desire. Feed Iowa First also helps support beginning farmers through training and investments that ensure the next generation of farmers and food production.


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Would you recommend FEED IOWA FIRST?

by Hannah A. (2018-02-19 12:02:17.0)
HUGE opportunity to make changes in Linn County. Not only a big impact in the health of people in Iowa, but opportunities for hands on (or hands in the earth) experience with farming and planting. Just talking to Farmer Sonia is a worth showing up to help in the first place. If you like to get your hands dirty, learn about growing/planting/farming and how to do it sustainably - this is an awesome opportunity.
by Athena A. (2018-02-19 09:59:08.0)
Feed Iowa first is such an amazing program. There is so much more to the organization then people see. Volunteering and donating not only teaches people how to live of the earth and how to grow your own food; but it also teaches you about the benefits of each food, the care they require, and show that even one person can make a difference. Hunger is a huge problem in the world today one person can make a tremendous difference and that is what Sonia has done by creating this organization. She has shown others the importance of fighting hunger, of providing fresh local grown, harvested and chemical free to those who have little to no food, people who struggle and even people who just would never have considered trying an item because of the cost at a grocery store. When you volunteer with feed Iowa first your not only helping but your learning and strengthening new values and respect for farmers the planet and a healthier way of life.