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Mission Statement

Esperanza Verde is a Wildlife Rescue Centre and Conservation project based in the Amazon Basin. We rescue animals from the illegal wildlife trade and give them a second chance.


In Peru many animal species fall victim to illegal hunting, either for meat or to be sold into the Pet Trade. We rescue and rehabilitate animals that have been confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade. Where possible we will always try to release an animal back into the wild, however sadly this is not possible with all cases. As a result we also provide permanent homes to animals deemed unfit for release. We protect a large area of Rainforest and actively look to reforest areas previously lost to farming or logging.


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Would you recommend Esperanza Verde?

by jelle d. from NL (February 27, 2018)
I've only been to Esperanza Verde for two months, but those two months turned out to be one of the best two months ever. The people there are very nice, the work is very rewarding and to top that all off you live in the middle of the jungle. So you can make a small hike into the "wilderness" when you have an off day. All in all, if I ever have time to go back I'll defenitly will, and so should you!
by Chase D. (January 27, 2018)
This is truly an amazing center that genuinely cares about all living creatures. I got to work hands on with animals in a beautiful rainforest environment, and I got to do it with some of the best people I've ever met. I loved everything about my experience here, from feeding birds and caring for monkeys to hiking through the forest and laughing around a fire with my fellow volunteers. Some days are harder than others, but every day is rewarding. If you love nature, if you love wildlife, if you want to disconnect and find yourself through service, this is the perfect place. I will never forget my time here!
by Andreas G. from DE (January 25, 2018)
First of all Thank you so much for having me Esperanza! It was just an amazing time there! I mean you get to shower in waterfall every day. That alone is worth going! Living in the jungle in general is just the best experience, you basically see a new animal everyday. Work can be hard, but it a good way. It's very very rewarding and thanks to olivia and douwe's knowledge and experience you get to learn so much about animal,the forrest and Peru/Southamerica. Also having no permanent internet connection first sounds bad, but it actually calms you down and makes you apreciate the jungle and the company of the other volonteers even more. I can only recommend going and i really wanna come back :-)
by Lotti N. (January 24, 2018)
If you're considering going to Esperanza Verde, I can't recommend it enough. I had the best time of my life there, I learned so much and had so much fun. Working with all these animals was such a unique and incredible experience, I will be going back soon. Look at their website if you're interested, all of them are the nicest people, they will help you with everything.
by Anna G. from NL (January 24, 2018)
Volunteering at Esperanza Verde has been a wonderful and rewarding experience. I got the opportunity to work with many different wild animals and I learned a lot about their different behaviours. My working days consisted of feeding all the different animals, cleaning their cages, giving milk to baby monkeys and several other small jobs like cleaning the house or making lunch for everybody. As a volunteer, you really see that your help makes a big difference. After you’ve finished your work, don’t worry you’ll ever get bored. You can go for a swim by the nearest waterfall, take photographs of the beautiful surroundings, play a game with all the other volunteers or just relax in one of the hammocks. My stay at Esperanza Verde passed by so quickly and I wished I stayed a little longer. If you are open to leave some luxury’s behind, love animals and nature and want to help out a very good cause, then Esperanza Verde is the perfect place for you to volunteer.