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Mission Statement

Too many tigers are subjected to cruelly deficient living conditions. It is the purpose of Blue Sky Tiger Sanctuary to cure this deficiency by providing large and stimulating habitats for displaced tigers to live at on a permanent basis. The Blue Sky Tiger Sanctuary also seeks to, whenever possible, rehabilitate tigers with the goal of eventual rerelease into the wild. The Blue Sky Tiger Sanctuary understands that topnotch care is essential to maintaining the health and happiness of all rescued cats and is committed to providing the ideal conditions for the tigers’ wellbeing. The Blue Sky Tiger Sanctuary is committed to becoming economically self-sufficient to ensure longevity of the organization.


We are a new nonprofit tiger sanctuary which will eventually be located in Montana.

  • On October 25, 2017, we were classified by the IRS as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization.

  • We are looking for volunteers who are interested in:
    • Writing content about tigers for our website (writers credit will be given to the author). Posts would be expected to be somewhere between 300-800 words in length. Articles could be written on a one-time basis or on a weekly/biweekly schedule.
    • Fundraising in their local community.
    • Grant writers. Grant writers would be responsible for identifying grants we qualify for and drafting a proposal to be submitted as a grant application. High level of organization and writing is required. All grant proposals will be submitted to the Executive Director for final review, prior to submission.


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