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Mission Statement

The Blue Devils' mission is to offer young people a quality educational and performance experiences in the area of performing arts. Founded in 1957, the organization provides a structured and positive learning environment for young people of all ages. A continuing objective of The Blue Devils is to develop personal character through challenging physical, emotional, social and mental activities while promoting the values of dedication, hard work and commitment through a team effort.


The Blue Devils offer a learning experience in the art of baton twirling, dance, percussion, and music performance. The Blue Devils family offers nine programs for young people age four to twenty-one:

• A, B, & C Drum & Bugle Corps
• Three Winter Guard Programs
• World Class Twirling Program
• Music School for children aged four to nine
• Diablo Wind Symphony

Over 500 young people ages seven to twenty-one are currently members of the Blue Devils performing units. Over 5,000 young people, in 1,500 families, have been served by the Blue Devils in its 42 year history. The Blue Devils are not affiliated with any one school or government sponsored group. They are a completely community funded organization. The direction of the Blue Devils is guided by a dedicated and unified effort of volunteer parents and a professional teaching staff, who work in close harmony with the young members to create and maintain a proud, responsible youth organization.The Blue Devils organization has an outstanding record in promoting youth involvement and participation, having attained numerous International Championships in various performing arts activities. The Blue Devils' recognition includes:

• 10 International Drum and Bugle Corps Championships
• 4 Winter Guard International Championships
• 12 National Team Twirling Championships
• 6 National Corps Twirling Championships
• 2 World Team Twirling Championships

The level of commitment from the performers to achieve these accomplishments, serves to demonstrate the excellent character building capacity of the organization. The young people soon discover that dedication and hard work enable them to achieve success. Success in turn promotes confidence in their own abilities. The Blue Devils experience helps instill a sense of pride and the important values of dedication, discipline, commitment and achievement through team work that is then carried back into the community.



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