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Mission Statement

The Church of Good Deeds encourages and enables faith in Altruism: people helping people - everyone, everywhere, every day. Our mission is to grow into an international organization which organizes charitable events and connections, where Altruists can meet and bond over helping others.


The Church of Good Deeds is a religion with no deity and no dogma other than helping others: we believe in Altruism. We see ourselves as optimally positioned to appeal to the millions of people who have turned away from the superstition of traditional religion, but still want to feel like a good person, celebrate without limitation, and connect with others via our culture of volunteerism and communal support.

There’s more to it than that, of course, but we think we’re at the start of something great here and would welcome volunteers who share our vision.

We were founded in January 2017 by Leon Feingold and his wife Yuanyuan Wang; the week after they got engaged they found out she had terminal cancer. This charity was created as a way of paying forward on a grand scale the generosity they’d received after her diagnosis, from friends and strangers alike. Their story is viewable here: https://www.youcaring.com/yuanyuan-sky-walker-wang-678763


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by Leon F. from New York, NY (Administrator for this Organization) (2017-10-26 06:04:48.0)
This amazing charity was a labor of love for its founders, and provides everyone the opportunity to be good by doing good.