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Mission Statement

S.A.V.E. (Selfless-Service, Advocacy, Veteran, Emergency) is a critical help up, not a hand out, bridging the gap by providing a G.I.F.T. (Grant, Incentive, Funding, Transition) to Veterans in financial crisis.


At S.A.V.E. Home Front our goal and focus is to give a help up, not a hand out. We do that by focusing on what is needed to prevent our Veterans from ever reaching the point of isolation, hopelessness, and finally desperation.

That starts with a focus on the positive. We are the First Organization to provide financial aid to Veterans at a specific stress point in their life while waiting for their VA benefits to be approved.

No Veteran wants to feel like a spectacle or that they have become a burden or hindrance to society. This is completely the opposite of why they joined the military, and one of the main reasons Veterans lose their sense of dignity and honor.

Through S.A.V.E. Home Front’s four-tier program, we will gather Veterans together and speak to their souls without them experiencing guilt, embarrassment, or anxiety.

We are a positive advocate for the Veteran’s Affairs (VA) and are proud to support Veterans Service Organizations (VSOs) such as the American Legion. We present these groups with a positive approach because the VA and VSOs provide resources that act as a compass to lead Veterans to find success in their daily lives.

S.A.V.E. XXII will provide substantial financial relief (G.I.F.T.) to Veterans during the waiting period between filing their VA claims, and receiving their benefits. This delay produces anxiety for the Veteran and their family. By providing a help up, not a hand out, we alleviate financial anxiety, which improves the Veteran's physical and mental well-being.


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