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Mission Statement

American Living History Society is a National Non-Profit Organization; working to preserve iconic historical sites and relics throughout the country to give an interactive experience to be enjoyed by all.


Founded in 2016 by a lifelong rail fan and history buff, American Living History Society was created to bring History back to life in a way that future generations could enjoy. Everyday items from our past, our nation's history are lost to time. Some get to live out their lives in a private collection, maybe a museum, either way, the vast majority are inaccessible to the general public. The goal of ALHS is not just to preserve history, but to preserve it in a living, breathing state. To preserve historic artifacts in a condition that allows future generations to enjoy them as they were intended to be used at the time they were built.

Cars, Tractors, Trucks, and Trains were never built to be stuffed and mounted. Put on display behind a barrier, to be seen, but not heard, to be viewed, but not touched. There comes an understanding of a time past when an individual can reach out to touch the same spot that one of their ancestors, a celebrity, farmer, or layman touched fifty to one hundred years ago. Understanding history in a way that is living allows one to understand where we have come from, what the past has provided for our future.


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