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Mission Statement

We are a community of people with differing ages that lead a holistic lifestyle, respect and harmony with the environment, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to reconnect with creation and its origin through love, service and devotion. We are practitioners of bhakti yoga, where work is presented as an opportunity to serve others and an offering to supreme love. We fill our hearts with love, compassion, tolerance and humility, cooking, dancing, caring for the earth, singing mantras and generating new alternatives to live in harmony with our environment. We also carry out deep permacultural research for the better development of the community and the environment.


We are an ecological and spiritual project where volunteers and bhakti yogis live together to share a simpler, healthier and permacultural way of life.

Simplicity helps us discover our creativity, strength and motivation to move forward. We respect all living entities and believe that the connection with the divine is beyond our earthly experience, seeking love as the centre of our lives.


Our ideal is to share with people of all ages and ideologies this full, harmonious way of life with a projection towards sustainable life and high spiritual and moral values. With this we share a practical and successful alternative life (permaculture) to that of the current consumer system.

Our international volunteer program is special for those who want to take part in sustainable activities such as permaculture, organic agriculture, afforestation, eco constructions, eco tourism yoga retreats, art conscious, etc. And at the same time experience the contact with nature in an Andean environment, combined with the harmony provided by the practice of Bhakti Yoga.


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