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Mission Statement

Our organization exists to shape a more peaceful, prosperous, and enlightened world. This will be accomplished by starting businesses to fund the economic, cultural, infrastructural, and ecological development of communities that can be used as models for the world to follow.


By starting our own business ventures, and partnering with others, we can continue to develop a base of funding, in order to provide grants for economically disadvantaged people to start their own businesses, go to school, and work on projects in the arts and sciences. We will use our businesses and partnered businesses to provide employment for seniors and economically disadvantaged individuals struggling to find work.
To help generate the funds we need to increase our organization’s self-sufficiency, and accomplish our long-term goals, we will work to create a cultural movement that encourages critical thinking, rationalism, and individual identity. We believe, that if we produce reading materials, and work to spread the idea that the only true divisible unit among the human species is the individual and our own experience of life, that the conflicts that occur between cultures can be overcome.
If we can develop our base of funding to an adequate level, our tangible efforts to assist local governments and other non-profits in the development of communities, combined with our intangible effort to encourage people to move away from tribalism and towards rationalism, critical thinking, and identify as individuals rather than identifying as groups, global peace and prosperity will be significantly more realizable.


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