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Mission Statement

The TNF works to raise funds for projects focused on ecological, economic, cultural, political, and infrastructural development. Our goal is to ensure that we, as planet, have a worthwhile future by creating a new civilization built on the creation of an intellectually mature culture.


The philosophy of our organization is to provide practical solutions to solve unconventional problems, and to practically achieve ideal solutions. We also believe that the state of a culture heavily impacts all other facets of a society, and that a more enlightened, global culture, can lead to a better future for everyone. Our cultural development involves the free distribution of reading materials intended to: open the minds of readers, awaken them to the crises we are all currently facing as a planet, and challenge them to think about the potential solutions. The TNF is also active in partnering with people to start businesses, and starting businesses of our own, in order to stimulate economic growth and develop a stronger base of funding for the TNF.
In the future, we will be applying funds towards the development of model communities in accordance with the ideas expressed in the philosophy book: Tellus Nova, in order to experiment with alternative economic, political, and cultural models. We also intend to direct future funding towards the development of: an improved polymathic public education system, ecological conservation partnerships, and hydroponic farming to produce low-cost, ecologically sustainable, organic crops. As our financial base grows, funds may be disbursed to any other number of areas of research and implementation that will help to transition our world into being a more prosperous, peaceful, and enlightened civilization.


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