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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to solving 2 issues in Bolivia; Environmental Crisis by Salar de Uyuni and Educational Difficulty at Universidad Mayor de San Andres (aka UMSA). Salar de Uyuni, the biggest tourist attraction in Bolivia, is suffering from thrown-out garbage. What is important is to change people's perspectives on garbage. We try to educate young children on Environmental Conservation (in Spanish) so that in the future nobody will throw away garbage un-properly. UMSA wants to internationalize itself. However, the department of Technology does not have enough English teachers. So, so many students want to study abroad but because of financial situations, they cannot afford it. The only way for them to study abroad is to win a scholarship. The lack of English teachers prevents students from learning English, which results in nobody being able to study abroad. Currently there is only one English teacher in that department, so we need a lot more help.


We strive to raise the locals' income and tackle Environmental Crises
in tourist attractions in Latin America.
We have 3 different pillars to work on problems in Latin America effectively; Giving Tours, Volunteering, and Projects.
By giving tours, we let tourists know the beauty of Latin America, and use some portion of our income for projects.
By volunteering, we let passionate and motivated people from foreign countries volunteer in appropriate places. We aim to create greatly valuable opportunities and experiences for both local people and volunteers.
By doing projects, we introduce needed technology and ideas to local places. We directly try to deal with problems on site.


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