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Mission Statement

To bring about better conditions in communities in need through collaboration and partnership, offering knowledge and skills of value in resolving and healing from the devastating impact of violence, conflict, and natural disasters, with the core principle of honoring the innate wisdom of human beings and their ability to explore their own challenges and experiences within the context of their own culture and world view, so as to regain resilience, power of choice, and control over their own lives.


The Ardicare Foundation is the steward of the Community Self-Care Demonstration Program (CSDP) which teaches individuals in traumatized communities how to help each other. Within a structure and forum of safety they can tell and resolve their stories and thus bring about their mutual healing and the restoration of community resilience.

The CSDP has been designed for communities who want to rebuild and return to strength, health, self-determination, and successful self-reliance.

The program uses the fundamentals of an evidence-based approach that can be taught to anyone who wants to help. With the recognition that we are each the expert and authority on our own experience and are endowed with innate wisdom, we teach communities how to become the agents of their own healing.

The CSDP is a non-religious, non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-pathologizing and, therefore, non-stigmatizing option for change. We don't ask what's wrong with you, we simply ask, "What happened?" Within the context of their own world view, their own cultural and religious values, their own understanding of their origin and spirituality, individuals in diverse communities can explore and resolve the experiences they have had.

The very real possibility of health and peace in functioning communities exists. By appraising the tremendous challenges, posing the right problems, and applying effective solutions, community programs are making an impact. We can turn the tide and gain ground, given the right tools to work with.


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