Reap Goodness

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PO BOX 6541SCOTTSDALE, AZ 85261 United States

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Mission Statement

Reap Goodness develops training for the next generation to restore Earth, provide food security and restore clean waters for all living beings. Climate change mitigation and hunger abatement are at the forefront of our activities. We choose to do this through training development, translations of e-books for worldwide distribution in a hurry to blanket the Earth with information on how trios of worker cooperatives can work together or separately as needed in any community anywhere with successful outcomes.


Our purpose is to create training texts for people around the world to take charge of their portion of the world together in trios of worker owned cooperatives. These cooperatives will have three parts:

  1. Rain capture from swales building to store vast amounts of water inside sloping land, and from roofs.
  2. Creation of food forests for new and beneficial permanent plants that need no plowing each season.
  3. Development of clean waters on the surface from roof rain capture to cisterns underground, water ponds and rivers cleansing of pollutants, and forging water and food resources for wild animals.

The sustenance of these worker owned cooperatives will be in the form of local food sales and sharing of services and materials and more with local people as evidence of the newly formed sharing or gifting economies.

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