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Mission Statement

Robert's Wish is a non profit organization that is preparing to launch in the summer of 2017. The organization is a safe and confidential community that offers support and hope through kindness, respect and a community with no judgement. The non profit strives to be a place to give a voice to those feeling unheard, provide understanding to those that feel different, caring to those that feel unloved, and hope to those feeling hopeless. Our mission is to provide a safe, confidential, non-judgmental social community where people can truly be themselves. The community will also be a place that connects LGBTQ youth, youth in foster homes, or any young person who just needs a few words of encouragement with online mentors and friends that can support people in need online in real time. We strive to ensure that no one feels alone when experiencing some of life’s hardest struggles.


About Robert’s Community Platform

The safe, confidential platform can be accessed by member any member, via a log in. Once logged in the member will be directed to a main page where the different topics of conversation are taking place. On this main page, there will also be a section called "Topic of the Week". This is aimed at generating discussion on current topics. This could range from an event in pop culture, something on the news, to a question prompt. While inside this platform you will also be able to reach out to a mentor and be able to set up a time to speak directly with a mentor. The community will follow strict guidelines with no personal information being exchanged or photos. These guidelines are what will allow Robert’s Wish to offer a supportive online community for youth where discussions take place freely, confidentially, without any judgement and in a safe and secure environment. Along with a community focused on young people, Robert’s Wish will also offer a support community for parents. The aim of this is to provide parents a place to come and discuss the challenges that their children and family are experiencing. By creating a support network for parents, we aim to create an environment where there is an exchange of advice, a community of support all with the objective to better support and help their children navigate their way through difficult times.

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