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50 S. French Broad Ave#300Asheville, NC 28801 United States

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Mission Statement

Making opportunities for meaningful human connection universally accessible in order to prevent deaths of despair.


In a hyper-local, community mental health approach, SeekHealing is a grassroots "social health" project to facilitate experiences of intentional and meaningful human connection between neighbors.

Piloted successfully in Western North Carolina since 2018 with support from Dr. Gabor Mate and other leading experts in trauma and Relational Cultural Theory (RCT), regional programs deliver the following at no cost to participants:

  1. Equitable public health education in social communication and emotional regulation skills
  2. Facilitated social experiences: substance-free parties, peer-driven support meetings, and community gatherings
  3. Human-powered technology solutions that facilitate individual neighbors showing up for each other’s social & mental health needs

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