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Mission Statement

Humanism is a philosophy of life valuing freedom, compassion, fairness, and knowledge derived from science and reason. It affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment aspiring to the greater good of humanity. Our mission is to support the social and intellectual needs of our members and to live by and promote our values and vision.


  • Truth and Knowledge: We should base our conduct on the best available knowledge of the natural world, in which people and their minds have evolved and of our human-made systems.
  • Rationality: The systems of the human mind based in the natural world, enable us to think, and be creative agents, and are the source of personal freedom, dignity and responsibility.
  • Emotions: We have to recognize that emotions are the driving force of our behavior. We need to provide the loving relationships of a family for the security of young and old.
  • Values: People are able to share emotions and refine their values through the various arts.
  • Ethics: We should use or emotions, values and rationality in building ethical theories and systems to live by.
  • Pragmatism: We should uphold the methods of social systems that have proven to be successful in the past, including the law, science and good practice while working for their improvement.
  • Commitment: We need to belong to the organizations that foster our worldview and enable it to be tested and improved.
  • Destiny: We believe that Humanism should offer visions of the future which will inspire the individual and guide the policies of society.


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