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Mission Statement

OUR MISSION Minnesota-based K9s From Carrie is a leading nonprofit in the United States to shine light on mental health awareness through education and the pairing of individuals with dogs to help manage mental illness and reduce suicide. We believe people of all ages and backgrounds suffering from mental illness deserve respect and support rather than embarrassment and shame. Our primary objective is to provide support to people in mental health crisis by sponsoring the purchase and training of emotional support dogs. We do this by 1) pairing a physically and emotionally sound dog with individuals as well as sponsoring obedience and emotional support training to that dog, and by 2) sponsoring obedience and emotional support training for an existing dog belonging to an individual or family. K9s From Carrie also promotes mental health and suicide prevention awareness through events and speaking engagements.


Emotional support dogs provide comfort and support in forms of affection and companionship for an individual suffering from various mental and emotional conditions. While an emotional support dog can be trained to calm their owner or warn someone that their owner is having a panic attack, emotional support dogs are not required to perform specific tasks like service dogs are. They are meant for emotional stability and unconditional love.

With the donations from some truly amazing individuals, businesses and organizations, K9s From Carrie provides services to pair individuals with dogs and to train a new dog or a dog that is already a member of the family.

K9s From Carrie pays for and helps individuals find a furry four-legged friend from a licensed breeder or local rescue. We then sponsor obedience and emotional support training for that dog so it will be better equipped to assist its owner, especially in detecting when its owner is in distress and alerting others that its owner needs help.



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