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Mission Statement

The Goals - For each girl: · To find her own voice and be able to listen to it. · To have better self-esteem and confidence. · To be able to plan and achieve goals, generate choices, create options, resources and support. · To be ready to face financial independence. · To have respect, appreciation and be able to care for her own body. · To respect, appreciate and be able to care for others in the community. · To respect and appreciate diversity and culture.


The ProgramWe accept 15 girls per class for one academic year of after school classes. Once per week, they are taught the elements of all dance styles from around the world, rich diverse, artistic cultural dance forms that spans the regions of India, the Middle East, North Africa and Spain and its expression through the varied and complex music of these same cultures. The girls also participate in talking circles and journal writing during which they discuss issues affecting them. Each girl identifies a personal goal that she would like to achieve during the course of the program. Guest speakers cover a wide range of topics from nutrition and body awareness to financial education, etc. Many successful women of various fields that are of particular interest to the girls address the girls each week. There are Student Salons (student performances) each session. Entrance into the program does not depend on demonstrated talent, standard beauty, or ability to pay the fees the program would require.


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