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Mission Statement

Our Heroes.....American Soldiers! American soldiers are men and women who serve their country with pride and honor. They often leave their homes, families and friends and go to far away places to make the world a better for kids everywhere just like us! They are sons and daughters, husbands and wives; and perhaps most importantly, moms and dads. Our American soldiers are ordinary people who take on extraordinary tasks. They are always willing to serve and protect no matter when or where that may be. Our soldiers deserve to know we appreciate them and the sacrifice they make for our country and our world, even when we don't agree with what they were called to do. Our mission is to make sure as many soldiers as possible know someone back home is thinking of them because.......

Every hero deserves a hug!


Hero Hugs was started by Bailey Reese when she was just seven-years-old. After a hurricane hit the area where Bailey lived, she witnessed people at a checkpoint for ice and water complaining to soldiers working and heard no one saying thanks. Bailey went home and gathered friends to make thank you cards for the troops. Since she has made it her passion to thank as many of the men and women serving our country as possible. All of Hero Hug's packages are decorated and packed by kids. Hero Hug's does more than just help our troops, but it helps kids with deployed loved ones feel like they are helping and it teaches kids that they can make a difference even though they are little. Bailey is now thirteen and has travelled all around the country to help kids pack packages for our deployed troops. To date, Hero Hugs has sent over 40,000 packages to deployed troops!



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