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Mission Statement

The Washington Heights CORNER Project was
founded in November 2005 as a volunteer endeavor
rooted in harm reduction and aimed towards
reducing the high-risk practices of the Washington
Heights drug using community. We seek to
accomplish this objective by addressing the lack of
syringe access and harm reduction resources in a
neighborhood that is 12% higher than New York
City as a whole in terms of high-risk sexual and
injection drug use practices. CORNER seeks to
decimate the transmission of blood-born disease
and infections, infection-related medical problems,
and related transmission to drug using associates,
family members, sexual partners, and sexual


WHCP is a street and office-based harm reduction agency. We provide syringe exchange, HIV and HCV-prevention education, overdose prevention, HIV and HCV testing, case management, and a wide variety of referrals and resources.



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by Nora K. (2017-03-03 11:53:15.0)
This is a warm, wonderful community center that I would highly recommend for a fantastic volunteer experience! It is a safe haven for members of the Washington Heights community to sit and talk away from the chaos of the streets, have a cup of coffee, use clean restrooms and laundry facilities, and share occasional meals. They provide HIV and Hep C blood tests, encourage safe sex practices by distributing condoms, and reduce harm to drug users by providing clean syringes. Their outreach also keeps the community clean by collecting hazardous waste and used syringes off the streets. Everyone here is welcoming and compassionate, and it is a total judgment-free zone. I go to school at NYU and it's worth it for me to make the trip all the way up to 181st street just to get to be with the lovely folks at the CORNER Project!