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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to broad, public education on all matters of U.S. domestic and foreign policy. Our mission is to disseminate independent, non-partisan ideas using modern communications and research methods. We are equally motivated to facilitate political discourse among all stakeholders and constituents to foster a more robust discussion of policy implications. People’s Policy Research uses innovative scientific methods to develop comprehensive fact-based policies and to engage the public in the national debate over the future of democracy, government, and public policy.


While People's Policy Research is not an advocacy organization we envision a new take on the research think tank.

A think tank of, by, and for the people. Yes, we’re taking that from Abraham Lincoln and repurposing it.

So, a think tank of the people is a think tank that is part of the larger whole. PPR will be, as it grows, as it begins to influence, as its membership increases, a coalition of the people - we are People’s Policy. Guided by the people, informed by research, scientific methods, and a firm understanding of the impulses that derive from individual philosophical and political predilections, our work will seek to synthesize diverse opinions, philosophical positions, informed data, in-depth research, and an evidence-based approach into policy that the body politic can support.

A think tank for the people is a think tank that advocates for the whole of society; attempts to bridge the gap between political factions, finding common ground, and developing solutions to the policy issues facing the body politic that have the greatest benefit, increase the rights of natural persons, while maintaining the dignity that inures from defending individual liberty and freedom.

While at times these ideals may be at conflict with each other there is a common ground to be found with the people and PPR seeks to find those and help the public understand these nuances.


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