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Mission Statement

Our mission is to make caring for animals a life loving journey. We hope to bring awareness to the public that there is an alternative to abuse, abandonment and neglect. We all can make a difference; have your pet spayed or neutered, tell your neighbor of the benefits of spay/neuter and cancer prevention as well as the roaming and howling stops, but most of all there are fewer unwanted kittens born.


Because of the large amount of unwanted kittens that are born each year to a life of uncertainty, our organization receives hundreds of phone calls from people all over Houston in need of help. Sick, abandoned or neglected kittens are found, adult cats abandoned by their owner when they move, abused, frightened ferals are left to reproduce at alarming rates in neighborhoods all over Houston.

Our organization goes into these neighborhoods and helps assist and control the cat overpopulation.

We trap and take the cats to a low cost veterinarian, we have them spay/neutered and then returned to their own neighborhood where their colony caretaker can continue to care for them. The colony caretaker is also responsible to protect the cats against any abuse, and observe for any new cat appearing in their neighborhood. By trapping and releasing the cat overpopulation is now managed and eventually reduced.

The abandoned cats and kittens from these neighborhoods that are socialized enough to be adopted are placed in our foster homes until permanent loving homes are found. We have also partnered with the Petsmart pet store located at West Alabama Street and Shepherd Drive, where we take our foster cats/kittens on the weekends hoping to find homes through the community.

Houston ranks as one of the worst cities in the nation for animal cruelty and its animal shelters are destroying over 90,000 animals each year. Our goal is to eliminate or at the least lower the number of animals that are put to sleep in these shelters. Until Texas laws change, making it mandatory to spay/neuter pets, we will continue to help Houston's neighborhoods care for their cats. These cats did not create this problem, it was irresponsible people who allowed their unaltered cats to roam outside and reproduce; not taking responsibility for the offspring that are left to find food and shelter from the environment and abuse. The lucky ones are the sick or lone ones who appear on your door step hoping for kindness, food and most of all love.



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