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Social Welfare & Education for Deaf Children in the Philippines

Help improve the lives of deaf children in the Philippines. A perfect opportunity for those with specialised knowledge of working with the deaf. This project works with deaf children in many capacities. Volunteers will be assigned to one of two locations; depending on their experience in working with the deaf. Volunteers with basic experience will be placed at a Special Education centre, where they will help teach and mentor the deaf. More advanced volunteers will work at the High School and will interpret ordinary lessons into sign language for deaf students. Furthermore volunteers may also help conduct deaf awareness and training lessons.

Support Community Development Projects in the Philippines

Work at the heart of community programs by assisting staff at a local community centre based in a housing project outside Tacloban. The centre is the central hub of the community here and many rely on it for its help in bringing up families and supporting them in getting work. This is a multi-faceted placement and volunteers will be able to engage in numerous different activities. They are needed to assist friendly local staff in organizing and developing social welfare services for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, assist with supplementary feeding for undernourished preschoolers. Aside from this, they can also assist with several other community development projects such as assisting a micro-financing project for low-income local mothers, organizing activities for adolescent peer groups and assisting with the long term developments of a project which rehabilitates children working or previously working in Tacloban City dump.

Teach English in Rural Schools in the Philippines

Volunteer and give rural, impoverished children a valuable boost for their future by teaching them English, a necessity for most well paid work in the Philippines. English is the country's second official language, and therefore it is not surprising that most Filipinos can understand, speak and write at least some English. But teachers in poorer schools are often not native English speakers, and so the presence of native or fluent volunteers is extremely valuable and exciting for the children and teachers alike. Volunteers teach in elementary schools within rural villages where resources are low and the most help is required and appreciated.

Work in an Orphanage in the Philippines

Be part of this project that provides love and care to the orphans and abandoned children in the orphanage. In this developing country, thousands of impoverished children grow up in orphanages, most of which are understaffed and have few resources. Your role is to provide essential caregiving, nurturing, teaching and mentoring to kids who are growing up without much adult interaction. On the island of Leyte, based around its capital city of Tacloban, are various orphanages whose children are often emotionally or developmentally delayed because of little adult interaction. Often, the only source of their basic emotional security is from volunteers who provide affection, spend time with the children and improve their social, physical and emotional development.

Help Improve the Family Volunteering: Community Child Support in the Philippines

Volunteer with your family in the Philippines and work on community child support activities targeting those that survived the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan. The community was devastated physically, emotionally and environmentally by the Typhoon but by working together with the support of many others they have managed to rebuild. Many families still rely on support with their everyday lives and as a family volunteer you can help support community development projects by assisting overworked staff at local children’s centres based in Tacloban. There are a range of activities taking place to support the communities and the project runs a range of activities and programmes. The children that you encounter will have have smiles on their faces whether you are helping with mealtimes, games and stories or homework activities. Bring your family to Tacloban and make a small contribution to the lives of children who have overcome so much while sharing a fantastic experience that your family will surely never forget.

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Mission Statement

Kaya's mission is to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel.


Responsible travel is about seeing the world in a manner that most respects and benefits local people, culture and the environment - it's travel in the real world, not tourism.

Every year thousands of people travel the globe looking to explore new environment and experience different cultures, with a spirit of adventure and a desire to learn more about the world.

As global travel becomes more accessible, and we look to visit further and more exotic locations, we often discover that the real world is not always easy to uncover, and often visitors don't get a chance to see beyond the window that tourism can offer.

As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to become a real part of the environments, lives and communities of the world's developing nations. And whether you chose to work on projects that benefit the wildlife, the environment or the people, you come away knowing that your being there has positively impacted those you have visited.

At Kaya, we pride ourselves on delivering only what is best for our volunteers and best for the communities which we are working with. You will find many volunteer organizations to chose between today, and many of these are also offering great placements around the world. But we believe that no-one works closer with their volunteers and with the receiving communities on the ground to make sure everyone can achieve the greatest benefits that volunteering has to offer.

For those of you who have skills that can benefit the projects, and even if you are looking to develop your professional skills in a developing country, your help is invaluable and Kaya staff will work with you to ensure your role matches your skill.

Internships, group ventures and specialist projects can be arranged by request.


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