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Work in a Rural Health Clinic in the Philippines

Volunteer and get hands on experience in a free medical clinic serving an impoverished population in the Philippines. Poor people living in this developing country often receive 100 percent of their medical care from free clinics. These barangay (community) clinics are generally underfunded and understaffed. This project places volunteers in a community clinic in the small town of Tanauan in the central Visayas region of the Philippines. The clinic has just one doctor covering 54 barangays, so volunteer help is critical to its ability to provide adequate health services to an underserved population struggling with poverty and malnutrition.

Help Improve the Futures of Abused Women in the Philippines

Volunteer in Asia and help improve the lives of abused women in the Philippines. Domestic abuse, sexual crime and abandonment are unfortunately common in the Philippines and can often leave many women feeling alone and vulnerable. As a result a safe haven for women filing cases against their former partners or who have been left without financial or emotional support was created to protect and care for them.

In this centre, women live a communal lifestyle (sometimes with their children) whilst social workers assess them and process their cases, and at the same time the centre teaches them techniques to help empower their lives. Volunteers placed at this womens centre can help the empowerment of the women by creating livelihood projects, engaging them in social activities such as team building and womens rights. Additionally volunteers can also create fun activities, teach music, dance and games to help break up the mundane daily routines of the women.

Building Project in the Philippines

Help build a house for the poorer communities. Housing in the poorer communities of Tacloban City often constitute little more than single-room makeshift shacks. Work alongside skilled carpenters on numerous community building projects around the city making renovations, repairs and even new builds to the houses of a collection of underprivileged families in our local community, as well as schools and community centres throughout the island of Leyte and Samar. This is a rewarding project with immediate visible results, volunteer satisfaction guaranteed. What better way to help a developing country than by providing the basic comfortable living requirements which every community member deserves. Whether its building from scratch, or fixing roofs, building walls or constructing toilet facilities for a more hygienic lifestyle; the result will be the same: the communities here in the Philippines will be grateful recipients.

Support Community Development Projects in the Philippines

Volunteer in the Philippines and work at the heart of community programs by assisting staff at a local community centre based in a housing project outside Tacloban. The centre is the central hub of the community here and many rely on the centre for its help in bringing up families and supporting them in getting work. This is a multi-faceted placement and volunteers will be able to engage in numerous different activities. Volunteers are needed to assist friendly local staff in organizing and developing social welfare services for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, assist with supplementary feeding for undernourished preschoolers. Aside from this volunteers can also assist with several other community development projects such as assisting a micro-financing project for low income local mothers, organizing activities for adolescent peer groups and assisting with the long term developments of a project which rehabilitates children working or previously working in Tacloban City dump.

Work in a Young Offenders Rehabilitation Centre in the Philippines

Reach out to those who've had a trouble past by helping them change their attitudes and give them a chance at a new way of life. Then volunteering in a Rehabilitation Centre for male youths could be for you. This centre cares for and rehabilitates boys between the ages of fourteen and twenty two, who have committed crimes as minors and are waiting for their cases to pend in court. These youths are often victims of circumstance; committing crimes in self defence and out of no other choice. Volunteers who become involved in this project act as role models for the boys and assist the centre by engaging in non-formal teaching, organizing sports events, teaching music, creating team building exercises, assisting with livelihood projects and sharing any other special skill they may have.

Media and Photography Project to Support an NGO in the Philippines

Volunteer in the Philippines for this grassroots NGO and help to raise awareness of the socioeconomic issues which face local Filipinos. This organisation has many established social welfare projects which act as a support line for many disadvantaged people in the local community. However, the social and economic issues present in the Philippines often go unrecognised. This media project aims to address this by documenting and highlighting the issues concerned to a more international audience. This is a great project for volunteers with a passion for photo journalism, social media, and documentary style news reporting as well as those interested in social development. Material collected and edited by volunteers will be used to populate the organisations YouTube Channel and Facebook Page as well as other relevant literature, providing volunteers with the opportunity to really get the message out there.

Improve Nutritional Standards in Tacloban City, Philippines

Make a fundamental life improvement by volunteering in the Philippines, in a population where around 30 million people cannot afford food to meet their basic nutritional needs. Many Filipino children suffer from stunted growth and development, low academic performance, and wasting due to poor nutrition. Malnutrition also increases the susceptibility to disease, and so many Filipinos suffer from blindness due to vitamin A deficiency. This project was created to oversee the food intake of numerous families in local barangays (communities) and monitor the malnourished children throughout a targeted area of Tacloban City.

Teach English in Rural Schools in the Philippines

Volunteer and give rural, impoverished children a valuable boost for their future by teaching them English, a necessity for most well paid work in the Philippines. English is the country's second official language, and therefore it is not surprising that most Filipinos can understand, speak and write at least some English. But teachers in poorer schools are often not native English speakers, and so the presence of native or fluent volunteers is extremely valuable and exciting for the children and teachers alike. Volunteers teach in elementary schools within rural villages where resources are low and the most help is required and appreciated.

Volunteer At A School for Deaf Children in The Philippines

Bring your sign language skills and volunteer at a school for deaf children in the Philippines. You will work with the children and teachers helping to improve class interaction and learning. Approximately 150 Filipinos are born daily with hearing loss and a staggering 27,000 profoundly and bilaterally deaf each year. As is common in many societies people with hearing difficulties lack the support they need to help them to lead productive and interactive lives.

This project works at a government school, supporting children with hearing impairments and special need from kindergarten to grade 6. The number of children you will work with varies because due to a lack of teachers classes are often combined. These children will have a range of capabilities and needs and therefore the project works to assist the teachers. Signing in lessons as well as running awareness sessions and training where needed are how the project helps. Bring your skills and expertise to the Philippines and help improve access to education for deaf children.

Work in an Orphanage in the Philippines

Be part of this project in the Philippines that provides love and care to the orphans and abandoned children in the orphanage. In this developing country, thousands of impoverished children grow up in orphanages, most of which are understaffed and have few resources. Your role is to provide essential caregiving, nurturing, teaching and mentoring to kids who are growing up without much adult interaction. On the island of Leyte, based around its capital city of Tacloban, are various orphanages whose children are often emotionally or developmentally delayed because of little adult interaction. Often, the only source of their basic emotional security is from volunteers who provide affection, spend time with the children and improve their social, physical and emotional development.

Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief and Recovery in the Philippines

Although it has been several years since the community of Tacloban was devastated following Typhoon Haiyan at Kaya we are continuing to assist them with their ongoing recovery and development through sending volunteers to projects that we have worked with since 2008. Through supporting the project volunteers are needed to help with essential long term sustained recovery. Kaya has been helping by fundraising and also with practical help through its volunteer programme, working closely with a local NGO, supporting its project activities.

The financial relief efforts around the world have been amazing and practical, organised help is needed from experts and non-experts to support rebuild the communities and lives of those living in Tacloban. Extra pairs of hands are now required to help with rebuilding of lives and volunteers can help long term with the mammoth task of providing futures for these incredibly vulnerable communities ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan.

Family Volunteering: Community Child Support in the Philippines

Volunteer with your family in the Philippines and work on community child support activities targeting those that survived the devastation brought by Typhoon Haiyan. The community was devastated physically, emotionally and environmentally by the Typhoon but by working together with the support of many others they have managed to rebuild. Many families still rely on support with their everyday lives and as a family volunteer you can help support community development projects by assisting overworked staff at local children’s centres based in Tacloban. There are a range of activities taking place to support the communities and the project runs a range of activities and programmes. The children that you encounter will have have smiles on their faces whether you are helping with mealtimes, games and stories or homework activities. Bring your family to Tacloban and make a small contribution to the lives of children who have overcome so much while sharing a fantastic experience that your family will surely never forget.

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