Project Manager in Support of anti-poverty portfolio

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Recruiting Organization: M4A FOUNDATION - CROWDDOING

Project Manager in Support of anti-poverty portfolio

CrowdDoing has multiple initiatives that relate to anti-poverty.

1.Homelessness prevention through zero-subsidy affordable housing based on appreciation-based financing models (learning from the history of StanfordUniversity's application of off-campus professor housing programs),

2. Crypto-impact-potential anti-poverty index. C. Sweat equity diversification vehicle for social innovation products, services and organizations.

3. Prevention derivatives have disproportionate impact on those economically at risk-for preventing catastrophic risk to health and property instead of risk transfer markets.


CrowdDoing is leveraging micro-leadership, service learning & virtual multi-disciplinary collaboration to achieve systemic change.

Why Project Management in a systems change context is different:

CrowdDoing Project Management for Systems Change Templates-

Why Impact Investing?

Classic impact Investments are investments made into companies, organisations and funds with the intention of generating social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

This is an exciting and rapidly growing industry with investors who are looking for both positive social and environmental impact, as well as solid financial returns. This development is accelerating all over the world and across all asset classes using Sustainable Development Goals identified by the United Nations as a benchmark.

Why Zero-Subsidy Affordable Housing as Homelessness Prevention?

Our research has found that if people could buy only the percentage of the appreciation value of a home that they can afford, while securing stable access to a home, some displacement and up to half of homelessness in dense urban regions could be prevented. Our model differs from others in that it requires no subsidy to put families into homes as owners. The model assumes both the most difficult circumstances of geographic limits i.e. slow housing production in high- densities and also the dependability of increasing residential real estate values as a way to capture financial value.

The model we have developed is based upon building a publicly-traded holding company. The purpose is to achieve accessibility to homeownership for families with moderate incomes. economic diversification liquidity for homeowners, decreasing super-commuting and providing housing access to families. The purpose is to make it easier for families with moderate incomes to own homes, ensure housing access, have economic liquidity, achieve financial asset diversification and also to decrease super-commuting. This public holding company can issue stock and swap it for private assets in the form of a fraction of the appreciation value of a home. Doing so achieves liquidity and diversification for homeowners. This business model allows the home owner to remain in their home while the holding company achieves its appreciation. These outcomes become possible when there is enough book value to attract investors to the holding company.

The proposed innovative business depends on the complex environment that makes residential real estate values rise predictably. The mission, to provide zero subsidy housing opportunity for families with modest incomes, is the innovative aspect of the business, as opposed to a strictly for-profit "buy and resell for maximum profit" model. It is the purpose driving the business that allows impact investment by members of the community to create a holding company for those investors. The holding company would include a residential real estate portfolio would as well as providing financial and infrastructure management. The driving investment rationale is 1) annual home appreciation rate is approximately 6.58% in the bay area 2) Average annual return for 500 stock index over 1957 - 2018 is about 7.96% 3) By having flexibility and timing the sale of homes to the market which allows individual home sales to exceed average return by 20%, zero-subsidy affordable housing returns could exceed S&P returns on an annual basis. 4) This model would allow any individual who can afford a mortgage on as little as one quarter of a home’s price to be able to live in that home. For an average income worker in San Francisco, such as a nurse, this would allow them to have stable housing without super-commuting or risk of homelessness for that individual’s family.

Why Impact Investing plus Blockchain?

Impact investors desire assets that have inherent impact. Recently the crypto space has exploded and the plethora of tokens and ICOs that have entered the market have a mix of goals and outcomes; some less desirable than others - and some that proclaim to be for positive but in reality bring very little to the impact table.

However, tokens that have been designed just right for achieving Sustainable Development Goals can give impact investors efficacy for their money aligned to where technology has transformational potential.

Why Prevention Derivatives?

But when risk transfer markets are legal for preventable risk, the risks get securitized to the lowest bidder. If risk transfer means that there won’t be a critical mass of stakeholders at risk to support the cost of risk prevention, then the risk won’t be prevented. Prevention of risks that are increasing with climate change can help increase the ability for risks to be insurable in the future, for insurance to be affordable. Risks can be prevented through social innovation.

There is a moral hazard when people gamble on the chance that war will occur between countries. "Gambling on life has been illegal for more than 300 years because the life insured by the gambler would be at risk of murder to collect the funds." The insurance industry has been designed to prevent precisely this kind of risk- "It is the essence of insurance that for insurance to exist the person insured must have an insurable interest in the property or life insured.... The insurable interest requirement serves the substantive goal of preventing speculation on human life."

CrowdDoing Service Learning for Project Management of Social Innovation

Developing Digital-Age Project Management Skills to Thrive in Disruptive Times

The Skills Project Managers Will Need in 2025

Characteristics of next-generation project management offices



Emotional Intelligence,


& Motivation

Diplomacy & Communication



Prioritization, Adaptability

Process Management & Change Management

interpersonal, Teamwork

Working with and Managing Remote Teams

Communication, Organization

Team Building & Commitment

ability to make data-driven decisions, problem-solving

Data Science Expertise

Organization, Problem solving

Organizing and Planning

Problem Solving

Reading Systems

he only way can realize its impact potential is through virtual volunteers,service learners(, and micro-leaders ( coming together.

See this brief video aboutMicro-leadership at CrowdDoing ( Micro-leadership means that each person adopts a dimension of responsibility for a collective problem in our society through collaborating on that area creatively individually and together through social innovation.

You are also welcome to see more background on CrowdDoing at our Youtube Channel (

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You can see a CrowdDoing Volunteering FAQ here.

If you have any questions about processes for joining as a volunteer to support our efforts in systemic change please write to

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