Madagascar - Lemur monitoring and Reforestation

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ORGANIZATION: Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership

Black-and-white ruffed lemur. Photo by V Villanova

Call for 2023 Volunteers!

The Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership's (MBP) volunteer research program is an extraordinary opportunity for you to become a part of essential conservation efforts in Madagascar, become immersed in our ongoing research initiatives, and get first-hand experience in community-based reforestation efforts. Come stay at our field station, get your hands dirty, and learn what it takes to keep a conservation project alive.

During your tenure, you will participate in two important conservation efforts: habitat restoration and lemur monitoring. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to engage in projects that benefit the community.

In 2023, we will host 5 cohorts:
Cohort 1: Arrive between January 17-19 and depart between April 11-13
Cohort 2: Arrive between March 21-23 and depart between June 13-15
Cohort 3: Arrive between May 23-25 and depart between August 15-17
Cohort 4: Arrive between July 25-27 and depart between October 17-19
Cohort 5: Arrive between September 26-28 and depart between December 19-21

Cost: $1,500 ($300 non-refundable) - Funds cover your food and lodging (and more) at the field station and support our research and conservation efforts.

E-mail: Put "Volunteer Inquiry" in the subject line.

Qualifications Many of our volunteers already have or are working towards a BA or BS in the biological or environmental sciences, but this is not a requirement. The priority traits for volunteers are a willingness to work in isolated conditions, the ability to solve problems independently, and previous work or travel experience in tropical countries is an advantage. A dedication to a positive and respectful working environment is vital.

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No additional volunteer opportunities at this time.

About Madagascar Biodiversity Partnership


VO 12 Bis A, Manakambahiny, Antananarivo, 101, MG

Mission Statement

Working alongside local communities to restore and protect Madagascar’s remaining forests and diverse wildlife


Lemurs live alongside agricultural communities throughout much of Madagascar. We strive to ensure that both people and wildlife in these forest-farm mosaics can thrive through a combination of research and outreach. By monitoring lemurs, critical habitat resources are identified, allowing residents to learn what to conserve and how to more equitably share their area's natural capital, ensuring both people and wildlife flourish.


Animals, Environment, International


Tue Jan 17, 2023 - Tue Apr 11, 2023


Lot VO 12 Bis AManakambahinyAntananarivo, 101Madagascar



  • English as a Secondary Language (ESL)
  • Habitat Restoration
  • Community Outreach




  • Must be at least 18
  • Approximately 12 weeks.

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