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The National STEM Honor Society
TM Professional Mentor Program National STEM Honor Society's Professional Mentor Team members work directly with our staff, Intern Directors, Department Management, other Professional Mentors and our large intern team! If you’re looking to make an impact on working towards the goal of bringing STEM to millions around the world, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers like you to join our impressive team. This is an opportunity to use your leadership skills to create meaningful change. Specific roles and responsibilities of our Professional Mentor Team Members vary by team. NSTEM has a large cadre of diverse interns organized in teams to further advance the organization’s goals. Mentors support these teams in the specific departments they advise; many departments could have several Mentors.

This unpaid professional Mentors opportunity can be fulfilled virtually from anywhere around the globe; currently all in-person opportunities are on hold.

For more information, please visit the Mentor page

To apply, please visit the Mentor Application page

Questions: Please contact Eric Magers @ magerse

Experience: We would prefer candidates to have a few years of prior professional experience or several years of leadership experience or both.

National STEM Honor Society was born from our partner Seaside Sustainability, a nationally recognized non-profit organization dedicated to community engagement, public education, and environmental conservation. The skills needed for our Mentors are as follows: Good communication with people of all walks of life; Leadership skills; Experience coordinating groups of people; A strong desire to facilitate a positive, hands-on experience. Professional Mentor duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Leading implementation of new management and organizational processes and procedures across the program
  • Supporting and directing teams and team members in a wide range of tasks and responsibilities
  • Delegating tasks to appropriate team members
  • Working closely with the Human Resources team to manage and oversee recruitment of staff and interns
  • Collecting and analyzing feedback from interns throughout the program to gauge satisfaction and success

Qualifications & Duration Requirements: We are seeking Mentor team members who have had at least 3 years relevant experience in their field of expertise or some transferable experiences. We ask that our Mentors commit to a minimum of one year of volunteerism. Hours per week would vary depending on the availability of the Mentor and the team in which they choose to work.

Intern Goals & Learning Objectives: Mentors working for the National STEM Honor Society can expect to work with our intern teams helping with their academic and learning goals including:

  1. Increase knowledge of the industry and career exploration
  2. Grow leadership skills and learning to manage large projects
  3. Gain experience in adapting to changing roles and environments
  4. Conduct basic research and practice analytical/quantitative skills
  5. Assertively engage at work, write and present professionally, and make business decisions


Supervision & Mentoring: All team members working for NSTEM will be mentored and supervised by our staff who offer diverse educational backgrounds and expertise within their respective fields. Mentors are a wonderful addition to this team as they provide opportunities for interns to work on projects that align with their learning goals with evaluation and constructive feedback along the way. NSTEM believes that successful internships go hand in hand with enjoyable internships. Staff and Mentors check-in with our interns throughout the internship experience and make adjustments as necessary in order to ensure that they achieve their internship goals. Staff and Mentors work with the requirements of colleges and universities in order to provide written feedback according to intern specific policies.

24 Hour Company: At NSTEM, we operate 24 hours a day and allow everyone to work based on their own schedule. However, everyone needs to attend synchronous team meetings which are typically held between 8 AM - 7 PM EST. Sometimes teams meet on weekends if weekdays are unavailable. While we know we have interns and Mentors from across the globe who join our organization, we cannot guarantee to accommodate all NSTEM meetings based on all time zones.

To learn more about NSTEM:

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Volunteer Sales, Partnership and Sponsorship Strategies Mentor: Some of the most important keys to helping as many students and educators as we can as quickly as we can in STEM education enhancement, inspiration and recognition is to open school based chapters of NSTEM through partnerships with key organizations who believe what we believe. Through sponsorships from companies, non-profits and individuals who want to sponsor chapters in their communities and through follow up of interested schools from our marketing efforts. To do this, NSTEM employs a robust state of the art engagement software called Outreach ( ) with a training program offered by Outreach University which allows team members to achieve expertise. As this software is used so widely in the business world, getting this recognition and experience is a valuable experience for future employment and careers. Additionally, NSTEM has an effective and growing LinkedIn ( ) approach to relationship building with superintendents, principals and STEM enthusiasts across the country and the world. Team members work closely with the President of NSTEM, Ken Hecht to strategise, plan and implement effective day to day activities in order to help fulfill our mission.

SKILLS REQUIRED: The skills required are the ability to think strategically, to drive growth through the effective use of the tools that we have selected and to improve our processes as we grow. The ability to see the big picture is a must as effective communications will be critically important with people at the highest professional and educational levels in the country.

Volunteer Analytics Mentor: The National STEM Honor Society is working to develop STEM campaigns on a national, targeted basis centered around discussions on STEM access, equity, and support, as well as their relationship to NSTEM’s mission. These campaigns, via email, social media, and video, need to be analyzed for effectiveness across several platforms. Team members will work closely with analytics software, including Hootsuite Pro, Google Analytics, and Outreach Analytics. Interns and mentors communicate closely with other teams, including web, video production, and email sending to address how campaigns are performing and to increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the NSTEM website. Data visualizations are created to present data to other departments using Google Data Studio. These focus on presenting data in a clear and concise manner, so it is easily understood at first glance. Company-wide analytics are presented weekly and targeted marketing demographic data is presented monthly.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Needs to be curious and wanting to go in depth to do background research for analytics which is given. Eager to start new projects and willingness to help. Applicants with a passion for analytics and skills in verbal and written communication, presentations, spreadsheets, and attention to detail; Proficiency in Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Google SEO, Google Data Studio, or Outreach is a plus.

Volunteer Social Media Marketing Mentor: The National STEM Honor Society has STEM campaigns on a national and international, targeted basis. Our messages are centered around discussions on STEM inspiration, access, equity, and support in a very graphical way. There are several specific target markets, each with very different characteristics in terms of sending customized, strategic messages employing the correct social media platforms for each target market. Team members manage interacting and engaging with different users by creating brand awareness, gaining leads/sales, developing a voice for the company, and relationships with our followers on our different platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. Team members create and implement different strategies to help increase engagement on the platforms. Interns and Mentors work closely with digital marketing software, including Hootsuite Pro, and Canva. We specialize in creating appealing digital media for platform sharing, and engaging in an editing/writing process for curated content. Platforms the team manages currently are Instagram, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and TikTok. In addition, there are opportunities to learn the skills needed for digital advertising in order to reach STEM educators and organizations across the United States and the world. Team members also work with other teams, including graphics, web, video production, and email sending to centralize a sales strategy that reaches potential customers.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Applicants with experience in social media management, posting, and highly developed writing skills, basic knowledge on social media platforms, self-motivated

  1. Content: As a core component of the Marketing & Social Media Department, the National STEM Honor Society content and content management team focuses on both collecting and sharing content of other creators and producing original content to be shared on our platforms. Mapping and strategizing content is a key part of identifying and catering to target market audiences, and forming valuable relationships with our customers. Team members will share and create platform or persona-specific content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, and Pinterest, managing posts via the Hootsuite platform. SKILLS REQUIRED: Applicants should have familiarity with the above social media platforms and a broad knowledge of social media/marketing advertising strategies. Those with experience in building up personal or company social media profiles is a plus!
  2. Graphic Design: As a team/division of the Marketing & Social Media Department, National STEM Honor Society graphics team focuses on creating visually appealing banners, icons, boards, postings and blog graphics. Creative graphics experience is essential in working to expand our branding in all communication platforms including social media, website, PR, email sales and e-commerce. Inspirational visual content is critical to drive engagement and clicks on social media and the focus is on creating compelling visual assets for every campaign to engage our prospects on an emotional and value added basis. SKILLS REQUIRED: Candidates should have experience in graphic design. Experience in Canva is highly preferred as NSTEM has settled on this as our standard. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is a plus!
  3. Interactions: Team members manage interacting and engaging with different users by creating brand awareness, gaining leads/sales, developing a voice for the company, and relationships with our followers on our different platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube. Mentors and interns research, create and implement different strategies to help increase engagement on the different platforms. They also work closely with the analytics team to determine strategies to help our platform’s engagement increase. SKILLS REQUIRED: Applicants with experience in social media platforms, basic knowledge on the social media platforms, highly developed writing skills, and self-motivation.
  4. Content Management: This team is essential to the organization and execution of many of the components of the Social Media Department. Through the management of the Department’s Trello Board, team members serve as a bridge between the other teams within social media, connecting graphics, content, and interactions into a streamlined system. Members of the content management team are responsible for scheduling and posting the social media content created by other social media teams on Hootsuite. SKILLS REQUIRED: Applicants with strong organization, time management, and attention to detail. Given that Content Management members need to publish many social media posts before they are scheduled to be released, being punctual and keeping up with deadlines is crucial for this position. Experience with Trello and Hootsuite is a plus!

Volunteer Email Marketing Mentor: This is an exciting and important department as we open Chapters across the country and internationally. Learn how to conduct an effective email marketing program starting with strategic market research on targeted STEM and other schools across the country and the world. This strategic market research of prospect schools is segmented into the personas of elementary, middle, high school and colleges/universities educators, students and parents. Then be involved in specialized market research where you will do in depth research on given schools and educators. And finally you will be involved in outreach to these schools with email writing and sequencing on a personalized basis with the state of the art engagement software, OutreachIO ( ). You will learn about the very detailed analytics that we employ to quantify our success and to make modifications based upon our constantly tracked analytics on our efforts. Strategic Market Research, Specialized Research and Outreach are the lifeblood of our company as we build lasting relationships with over 100,000 schools in the US alone, to say nothing of our international efforts. We believe that what we are doing is of great value and importance to students of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds and to the future of our country and the world. You will learn to market with empathy, to focus on the issues of students, parents and educators and to target specific personas for greatest effectiveness in improving their educational and career experiences. These are life long skills which will serve you well throughout your future endeavors.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Experience in all aspects of Google Drive, including Google Sheets and Docs, as well as creating and organizing Google Drive. Search Engine Keyword proficiency is a plus in obtaining relevant and important contact information for future prospects. Utilizing proper time management and organization is key. Proficiency in Outreach is a plus. The ability to think strategically and strong written communication skills are a plus. Driven in terms of research and collaborating well with others.

Volunteer Customer Service, Member Support & Care Mentor: In this department we add value to our chapters and people at every opportunity. We engage with different public audiences and learn how to effectively communicate with them while supporting our Chapter members and their administrative teams including Directors and Advisors. Our goal is to have new chapters and for those chapters to keep signing up for NSTEM every year. In order to do this we focus on our existing chapters, communicate with them often, and add satisfaction at every opportunity. Team members should have a desire to understand every school and their system, where they are in STEM education, as well as learn how to personalize outgoing emails to build long term relationships and open chapters across the country and the world.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Hard skills will be acquired via Outreach software (the top email personalized email sending software in the market) and email strategy, as well as more soft skills such as connecting with customers, communication, and adaptability. Experience in all aspects of Google Drive, including Google Sheets and Docs. Search Engine Optimization and keyword proficiency is a plus in obtaining relevant and important contact information for future prospects. Utilizing proper time management and organization is key.

Volunteer Public Relations (PR) Mentor: Specialists work closely with our marketing team and are responsible to build and maintain a positive public image for our company. They are in charge of establishing and maintaining relationships with our Chapters, greater community, interns, mentors and staff, and public interest groups by writing press releases and other media communications, researching potential contacts and partners, and responding to requests for information. The PR Department will work closely with the Social Media Department managing the Pinterest account. Skills required for each team:

  • Blogs : They create media, from press releases to blogs, that shape public opinion of the company or organization and increase awareness of its brand. The skills required are strong creative thinking and writing skills; passion about topics to write about; willingness to learn; excellent time management; motivation to do deep research; in-depth knowledge of GSuite office and various Google applications; independent and collaborative nature; Work ethic and willingness to learn; strong communication; enthusiasm for PR; must have a strong desire to write. Writing Sample: Write a blog about a member of the STEM community of your choosing. Take into account this has to be catchy, of around 300-800 words, and, most importantly, has to show your passion for writing!
  • STEM News Team : The STEM News team is constantly on the look for engaging events to write about! If you are interested in researching, writing, and comparing numerous sources to create the most unbiased version of an event, this team is definitely for you! News can be external to NSTEM or internal (press releases, events, etc.), but always related to STEM. The skills required are motivation and patience to do deep and detailed research, time management, critical thinking, love for writing, and strong communication. Writing Sample: same as Blogs
  • Webinars: The Webinars team is in charge of... you guessed it... Webinars! Members of the Webinars team need to have strong communication and be on top of the roles and responsibilities assigned to them. There are a lot of different responsibilities, ranging from creating presentations/handling social media posts for the webinars to helping with content or contacting guest speakers. There is also an opportunity to work in the technical side of webinars, where one can handle the responsibility of making sure the webinar runs smoothly. No previous experience is needed but any previous teamwork skills are strongly recommended!
  • Editorial team : The editorial team is responsible for proofreading writing pieces that have been written by the blogs team. Members of the Editorial Team need to be thoughtful and dedicated in regards to their work. It is not necessary for them to have the relevant skills entirely mastered before joining the team, but someone with writing or editing experience is preferred and a willingness to learn is also important. Because of how detail oriented this team is, only members of the blogs team that have shown outstanding writing and organizational skills will be invited to join the team (in other words, first time applicants will be required to have experience writing on the NSTEM blogs team before having the opportunity to work on the Editorial team)
  • Research Specialists : Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics. In order to accomplish that, we need to know our public. That is where the Research Specialists Team comes in! In this team, you will be doing extensive investigation on what preoccupies and interests our audience. Skills required: willingness to learn, excellent time management, motivation to do deep research; independent and collaborative nature, work ethic, and strong communication.

Volunteer E-Commerce & Merchandise Mentor: Researching and discovering new merchandise that matches our mission. This department includes chapter apparel and merchandise, personal apparel, and recognition items (such as pins, cords, certificates). Building relationships with e-commerce experts and fulfillment centers outside of NSTEM along with researching specific products to maximize profit. Promoting NSTEM in creative ways our line of merchandise is a key objective.

SKILLS REQUIRED: E-Commerce requires the following skillset: critical thinking, persistent work ethic and willingness to learn, express enthusiasm and creativity for creating new, captivating content, creative writing, organization, and working with various personas. An in-depth knowledge of GSuite office and various Google applications is essential for NSTEM team members across the board.

Volunteer Video, Film, & Media Production Mentor: The National STEM Honor Society is looking to expand its video content. We're seeking team members who are ready to add vital contributions in laying the groundworks for a sustainable, constant flow of high quality, branded content. Members work collaboratively to conceptualize and produce a wide catalogue of NSTEM promotional videos for use on the NSTEM website and social media outlets. The goal is to create a brand that will be the backbone of the company for years to come. Team members manage NSTEM’s YouTube account as well. Video Team members need to be able to take raw footage and edit it into a compelling narrative; the end product will primarily be promotional videos and social media content. They have free access to some courses from the online learning platform Udemy. Courses include tutorials on basic video editing software such as ShotCut as well as industry-standard software such as Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Interns will complete their internship with a portfolio of work they can include in their video editing or filmmaking job applications, and certificates from any Udemy courses they compete.

SKILLS REQUIRED: At least basic video editing skills with programs such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve, Shotcut, iMovie, or any other common video editing software (experience with Audacity, Audition, and/or After Effects is a plus); willingness to improve their skills if only at the basic level; ability to create a story or coherent narrative out of raw footage; self-motivated and creative; able to take an idea and turn it into a polished video without a lot of hand-holding.

Volunteer Website & Technology Mentor: NSTEM is built on the Wordpress platform, needing constant updates. Our entire marketing campaign will be aimed at sending targeted persons to different parts of our website for different desired results. The key result is to increase the number of chapters across the country in record time. We are looking for Innovators, problem solvers and tech-savvy team members to join NSTEM’s Tech Team. Tech team is a specialized group that have a knack for technology use and are adept at helping others. These team members are problem solvers, critical thinkers, and enjoy staying on top of new technologies and best practices that will drive the mission of NSTEM. Tech Team members are able to troubleshoot issues and serve as the front line for tech support issues such as logins and will aid with GSuite apps for our global users. They are able to create helpful learning materials like tutorials and documentation. In addition, they support new staff, mentors and interns as they are onboarded. Tech Team members are innovators and come up with ways to expand the knowledge and confidence of all NSTEM’s constituents.

SKILLS REQUIRED: customer service, tech support, GSuite, strong communication, digital marketing, change management, user experience, web design. Willingness to collaborate and a team-oriented mindset; Good work ethic and a willingness to learn; Drive to make the best first impression for NSTEM.

Volunteer Human Resources (HR) Mentor: Our team specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing team members into teams. They oversee team members and ensure they are being challenged, meeting expectations, enjoying their internships and not overwhelmed. They become specialists in their duties, consult with executives on strategic planning, and act as the constant link between our management team, including Directors and Project Managers; They manage our entire presence in the virtual world including all the recruiting platforms. They will be assigned some new roles in the future: planning, implementing, and evaluating employee relations and human resources policies, programs, and practices; maintain the work structure by updating job info; establishing a refined recruiting and interviewing program; counseling managers on candidate selection; conducting and analyzing exit interviews; recommending changes; and preparing interns for assignments by establishing and conducting orientation and training programs.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Communication and interpersonal skills; maintain professional decorum; open to meeting new people regularly; confident in their email sending abilities; exemplary behavior; organizational skills; google sheets/docs/drive/meet.

Volunteer Business Management & Operations Mentor: One of the most critical intern positions at NSTEM is a member of the Business Management Team, which collaborates on time sensitive and comprehensive decisions that impact the entire organization. Team members do market research and writing projects; legal research and implementation of findings; trademark work; handbook design, business and project plans and their Standard Operating Procedures, and pitching the highest level partnerships. Collectively the department team members work in concert to bring tangible results to our expansion. They assist the President and CEO in directing all the teams above to maximize output with minimizing effort. All members of the Business Management Team are responsible for curating a $200 million Resource Library and discover, evaluate, and enter these resources into the library. Additionally, the Business Management Team collaborates frequently with other departments such as Social Media, Website, Public Relations, E-commerce, and more.

SKILLS REQUIRED: Communication and interpersonal skills; exemplary research skills; eager to learn and take on new challenges; technical platform skills a plus; organized; strong work ethic; enthusiasm for business; verbal and written communication skills; maintain professional decorum; open to meeting new people regularly; confident in their email sending abilities; excellent time management skills; strong creative thinking skills.

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Seaside Sustainability’s mission is to protect and restore our oceans by educating people of all ages about the critical issues that threaten our environment; promoting best practices for sustainability; and inspiring meaningful advocacy and hands-on action. Seaside works with schools, cities and towns, environmental groups, technology companies, and individuals. Together, we strive to ensure the healthy future of oceans, rivers, wetlands, and estuaries around the world.


Seaside Sustainability is a non-profit organization dedicated to ocean sustainability and education through action. We believe that the well-being of our environment, our communities, and our economies are inextricably linked.

Based in coastal Gloucester, Massachusetts, our initiatives include facilitating ocean-cleaning blue technologies; advocating for single-use plastics ban; mitigating invasive species; developing Green Scholars, an award winning education curriculum; and offering wide-ranging education programs.

Working with teams of volunteers and interns across the globe, we promote the mindsets and behaviors that will reduce harmful human impact on the planet.


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