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This revolutionary, innovative program is designed to lay the foundation for deep understanding needed to effectively organize against the pervasive threat of the rise of authoritarianism and disinformation, and to expand the pro-democracy American electorate and generate movement-wide coalition investments in the infrastructure to build the power of progressive blocks to advance a unified vision for our country and develop the practice to support the generational struggle for inclusive, multi-racial, just democratic possibility in the US. Find out more at www.unitedvisionproject.org

Our perilous democracy is now at the foot of every American. Democracy unattended has culminated in the culture war taking place across America- It’s not relegated to the insurrection on January 6 th, it resides in our communities - urban, suburban, rural and remote. When progressive movements fail to facilitate intentional conversation and meet people where they are, the consequences are deadly. To build offensive and defensive strategies that can effectively meet the challenges we collectively face, we must understand what we are up against. We simply can’t transform what we don’t understand.

Yet, many don't know what to do or how to make a difference particularly amidst the pandemic. Here is your Answer!

Every Challenge Presents An Opportunity:
America may never have been this divided, and we can either take action or watch our country fracture even more...It's time to try something new! This is a nonpartisan outreach project where multiple organizations are collaborating to contact hundreds of thousands of Americans and find out what they believe, how they feel, and why they think the country is so divided. Ultimately, we hope to develop strategies to help all of us work together and find common ground.

This work provides an incredible opportunity to take pro-democracy action. Every volunteer is provided an opportunity to join a tremendous team with incredible individual support. Texting volunteers must go through training and be onboarded. Opportunities for texting outreach are available daily M - S during designated times appropriate hours depending on state time zones.

The reality is that many of those being influenced and recruited are our neighbors, family members, and friends - and have left many struggle to navigate those relationships. But, there is power in recognizing relationships and what it takes to build them. If we don’t engage with a broad swath of the country that are outside our purview, we will never be able to shrink, neutralize, and transform the grip of white supremacy and authoritarianism in our country. Learning how to structure these conversations is critically important to get into right relationship with one another.

Through text messaging and phone calls, we’re having deep conversations with half a million people who hold conservative beliefs and may be sympathetic to extreme nationalist movements and ideas and compiling the largest information gathering set ever created to lay the foundation for deep understanding needed to effectively organize against the pervasive threat of the rise of authoritarianism and build a durable and expanded pro-democracy movement across the country.

*This specific kind of outreach can be incredibly challenging. However, while the conversations may be difficult, having them is the first step toward creating genuine change. And through this process we are building the collective muscle to navigate hard conversations to contribute in a revolutionary way to the movement building and collaboration needed to build bridges and provide on ramps to build a pro-democracy base of people to cross them.

The transformational impact on volunteers that is offering the skills and "experience of doing" that has rippled beyond the confines of these exchanges and culminated in local and community efforts that are shifting thinking and culture.

Hear from some of our volunteers:

"This project has given me hope that there is a path to healing our divide, to finding common ground, and to bringing civility back to our discourse. It has provided me a way to channel my energy into something that can make a real difference."

"This program has given me the opportunity to get beyond the disbelief and anger built up over the last 4 years (and more) by finding the courage to be empathetic while reaching out to the Far Right. It’s frightening to me to think we could be heading towards an increasingly 'white supremacist’ society, so I am motivated to do my part in the protection of our democracy."

"To me this project is critical. We are all interconnected. This project will help us understand how we became so disconnected so that we can become connected again."

"I have a big "thank you" to offer you for bringing me into UVP. I remember making one of my goals when I joined to "work my empathy muscle" which I really felt I was losing in the current climate. This work has manifested in real results in my life. From conversations with family members who have gone down the conspiracy rabbit hole - to speaking at school board meetings and recognizing the fear in people who have views I oppose and finding a way to be heard - to serving as an election official and using these skills to educating those trying to distrupt the process that ended up in an apology and more importantly a deeper understanding of the harm being done. These are skills I use in my daily life - I am a better person - a better mother and I am actually having constructive conversations that have led to openings I never would have thought were possible before."


UVP OPEN HOUSE/INFO SESSION: 2ND MONDAY OF EACH MONTH (6 - 7 PM EST) If you missed a UVP Open House in 2021, join us to learn more about our mission, our outreach, our approach, and how you can become a UVP Volunteer. Register for a UVP Open House here: https://www.mobilize.us/ womensmarch/event/398997/

UVP BEGINNER TRAINING & TEXTING - INTRODUCTION: 3RD MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH (6 - 8 PM EST) You’ll get set up on our texting platform Spoke; join our Slack community for questions + troubleshooting; and learn how we have conversations and collect data. After the training, we’ll have a live community texting session with UVP Team support. Register for UVP Beginner Training & Texting here: https://www.mobilize.us/ unitedvisionid/event/389212/

UVP INTERMEDIATE TRAINING & TEXTING - THE ART OF THE CONVERSATION (NEW!): 4TH MONDAY OF EVERY MONTH (6 - 8 PM EST) Texters who have already attended Beginner Training will learn more about active listening (and why it’s important), practice responding, and get a deep dive on tags and data collection. After the training, we’ll have a live community texting session with UVP Team support. Register for UVP Intermediate Training & Texting here: https://www.mobilize.us/ unitedvisionid/event/392144/**

Registration is open for January events - join us in 2022 and let's work together for a true multiracial democracy.

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About United Vision for Idaho


P.O. Box 2181, Boise, ID 83701, US

Mission Statement

We are a coalition of more than 20 diverse Idaho non-profits working together to advance social, economic and environmental justice in our state, promote the health of our citizens and community by providing all people with access to the resources and tools to enhance their lives, that of their families, neighborhoods and state, without discrimination.


United Vision for Idaho’s Code of Ethics

1. We believe it is the primary mission of social movements to enhance human well­being, and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.

2. We must focus on individual well­being in a social context and the well­being of society. Fundamental attention must be paid to the factors and forces that create, contribute to, and perpetuate social problems.

3. We believe that social organizations are obliged to promote social justice and social change with and on behalf of individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities without discrimination or regard for any religious or spiritual affiliation.

4. We must be sensitive to cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice and we do this through a number of activities from direct action, community organizing, advocacy, social and political action, policy development and implementation, education, and research and evaluation.

5. We seek access for all people to the resources that enable them to enhance their capacity, address their own needs and that of their communities.

6. We also seek to promote the responsible, ethical organizations, communities, and other social institutions that address individual need and social problems.

7. Our work must be rooted in a set of fundamental values and the principles associated with them that stem from a human rights framework and are evidenced in our service, by our abiding commitment to social, economic and environmental justice, and the common good performed with dignity, integrity, competence and compassion.

Advocacy & Human Rights


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P.O. Box 2181Boise, ID 83701



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