Lead - Human Resource Business Partner - Nature Counter by CrowdDoing

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ORGANIZATION: M4A Foundation - CrowdDoing

Lead - Human Resource Business Partner - Nature Counter by CrowdDoing

Reporting to the Meta volunteer of the People Management Team, the Sr. HR Business Partner will lead and guide the efforts of the HR Business Partners for CrowdDoing departments and Social Enterprises. The Sr. HR Business partner must be a successful when influencing others to action which supports not only the organization, but individual growth. The ideal candidate will have experience managing projects, guiding a business team through growth, and learned what it takes to adapt to change in a non-profit start up culture that expects collaboration, as well as speed, in execution. The Sr. HR Business Partner will be adept in learning our challenges, so agreed upon goals are met.


Are you interested in the therapeutic effects of spending time in nature has on people, organizations and communities?

  • Would you enjoy collaborating with a diverse, virtual, and international team?

Are you fascinated by the psychological and physiological effects of "taking in the forest"?

Are you interested in the challenge of addressing societal challenges through connection to nature?

Do you wish to grow professionally through experiential learning through collaboration?

Do you wish to adopt the complex challenge of evidencing and explaining why immersion in nature is beneficial for individuals and communities?

Our work in Nature Counter at CrowdDoing is designed to help individuals to discover the benefits of immersion in ecological settings such as forests, public parks, rivers and beaches.

Passion for science education, andecopsychology, ecophysiology,ecological anthropology, ecological sociology, Eco-Organizatinal-Psychology are helpful, but not required.

If you have an interest to learn more about how about how time in restorative environment such as the wilderness or public parks has an effect on outcomes relevant to the effectiveness and well-being of people in organizations, then this might be the right role for you. Help us teach the world about how outcomes include psychophysiological stress responses, productivity and emotional states are achievable via a dose of nature required for a person’s goals.

If you haven’t read about Ecopsychology before, you can see examples such as this articleby Jim Robbins called "Ecopsychology: How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health

" " https://e360.yale.edu/features/ecopsychology-how-immersion-in-nature-benefits-your-health"

Using the five senses through Forest Bathing https://www.pressherald.com/2021/10/03/forest-therapy-walks-grow-in-popularity-in-maine/

"clearing the mind and connecting with the environment has the power to boost your physical health, reduce stress and elevate wellness." https://www.nationalgeographic.co.uk/travel/2021/08/walk-into-the-wild-british-columbia

Eco-therapy (Nature Therapy, Green Therapy) https://californianewstimes.com/ecotherapy-highlights-benefits-of-immersing-anxious-stressed-kids-in-nature/571108/

"Ecotherapy: Theory, Research & Practice." https://www.success.com/the-mood-boosting-power-of-ecotherapy/

"Most notably, they have found that one forest bathing session can cause an increase in 'anti-cancer proteins’, or NK (Natural Killer) cells, and the effects can last for around for 30 days!" https://www.bbcearth.com/news//forest-bathing-for-beginners

". A researcher from the University of San Francisco believes that being among trees and soaking in their oils encourages our bodies to release oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the feel-good hormone that is released when we have human contact. In other words, forest bathing is akin to receiving a loving hug from mother nature herself!"


"If you’ve ever inhaled the warm, woodsy scent of cedar or the fresh, clean scent of pine, you’ve experienced the natural aromatherapy of phytoncides. This distinctive category of woodland-based essential oils are released by trees and plants as part of their defence system.

According to Dr. Qing Li, a physician, professor at Nippon Medical School in Tokyo, and president of the Japanese Society of Forest Medicine:

Trees release phytoncides to protect them from bacteria, insects and fungi. Phyton is Green for 'plant,’ and cide is 'to kill.’ Phytoncides are also part of the communication pathway between trees: the way trees talk to each other. The concentration of phytoncides in the air depends on the temperature and other changes that take place throughout the year. The warmer it is, the more phytoncides there are in the are." (3)

In this study, inhaling tree-derived phytoncides reduced stress hormone levels in both men and women and increased natural killer (NK) cell activity (a vital part of our immune system).



"Mood Lifting Benefits of Forest Bathing

In one study, participants were asked to assess their emotional state before and after forest bathing. After two hours, they reported a reduction in:

  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Fatigue
  • Dejection
  • Confusion

" https://mommypotamus.com/forest-bathing/

"Forest bathing, or taking in the "forest's atmosphere," is a timely common-sense practice that would do us a world of wonder in these pandemic stricken days."


"But you don’t need to read scientific papers - or battle a serious illness - to realize that being outside is rejuvenating. "We all know in our bones that it works, and that we feel better when we spend time outside. We instinctively want to go to the forest when we are upset. We evolved from nature, and we’re connected to it,"’


"For Ms. Kistler, the science is great but not the point. When she goes to the woods - alone or with her husband and two young children - it’s a chance to clear her mind and appreciate the subtlety of her surroundings. Or sometimes those walks make for the best, uninterrupted conversations, she finds."


"o preliminarily explore this issue, healthy adults were assessed before and after a 3-hour session of Forest Bathing in a Mediterranean forest near Barcelona (Spain). The study was conducted during the Covid-19 outbreak. Changes in state anxiety, negative affect, positive affect and state mindfulness were assessed. Results show significant increases in positive affect, vigour, friendship and mindfulness, and decreases in negative affect, anxiety, anger, fatigue, tension, and depressive mood."


""I can't speak for all, but to me I almost imagine the field to be a bit of a spectrum. On one end, using calm, healing, restorative aspects of nature to heal human beings - therapy in beautiful nature. That's down one end... the other end of the spectrum is ... helping humans to help nature.

:" https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/national/434686/ecotherapy-mental-health-and-the-climate-crisis

"When you’re enjoying the outdoors, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and "stay present," which means that ecotherapy is one way to establish and maintain a mindfulness habit. This has been shown to benefit those with anxiety symptoms and PTSD symptoms, leading to reductions in "stress hormones" such as cortisol." https://draxe.com/health/ecotherapy-nature-therapy/

""Nature-deficit disorder," a concept introduced by former San Diego Union-Tribune columnist and author Richard Louv in 2005, underscores the importance of access to green spaces. A growing number of studies indicate that exposure to nature benefits kids in different ways, such as by lowering stress and promoting better cognitive development.

" https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/health/story/2021-10-26/ecotherapy-highlights-benefits-of-immersing-anxious-stressed-kids-in-nature

"A form of healing called ecotherapy is becoming recognized as one of the best ways to improve one’s sense of well-being. The knowledge that nature can be a healing force has existed throughout time. Recently, scientific data has upheld this common belief and provided reproducible benefits to human well-being from spending time in nature.

" https://www.gardeninglove.co.uk/how-to-connect-with-nature-for-mental-health/

" different sort of medical prescription is spreading across Canada, that of "nature therapy" where doctors, nurses and other health-care practitioners can prescribe going outdoors as part of a wellness routine.

Nature therapy, also called ecotherapy, is derived from the principles of ecopsychology - a broad term that describes using a person’s presence in nature to improve their mental and physical health.

" https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/nature-therapy-program-offered-as-new-medical-prescription-to-canadians-1.5358112

    • We are looking for an HR Recruiter to manage our full cycle recruitment, from identifying potential hires to interviewing and evaluating candidates.

      HR Recruiter responsibilities include sourcing candidates online, updating job ads and conducting background checks. If you have experience with various job interview formats, including phone screenings and group interviews, and can help us recruit faster and more effectively, we’d like to meet you.

      Ultimately, you will play an important part in building a strong employer brand for our company to ensure we attract, hire and retain the most qualified employees.

      • Design and update volunteer descriptions
      • Source potential candidates from various online channels (e.g. social media and professional platforms)
      • Craft recruiting emails to attract passive candidates
      • Screen incoming resumes and application forms
      • Interview candidates (via phone, video and in-person)
      • Provide shortlists of qualified candidates to hiring managers
      • Send job offer emails and answer queries about compensation and benefits
      • Participate in job fairs and host in-house recruitment events
      • Collaborate with managers to identify future hiring needs
      • Act as a consultant to new hires and help them onboard
      • Proven work experience as an HR Recruiter or similar role
      • Familiarity with Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases
      • Experience with sourcing techniques
      • Understanding of referral programs
      • Solid verbal and written communication skills
      • Sound judgement
      • BSc in Human Resources Management, Organizational Psychology or relevant field
      Building Solutions: Comfortable with disrupting the status quo; develops effective, creative and pragmatic solutions by taking a consultative approach. Responds to all inquiries from direct reports.
    • Collaboration & Task Allocation: Partner with HR Meta Volunteer to ensure tasks are assigned to respective department and Social Enterprise. Collaborate through use of phone calls to address team challenges and ensure volunteers are engaged through assigned tasks.
    • Project Management: Participate in scoping calls for new Social Enterprises to determine the project needs for the Social Enterprise from an HRBP standpoint. Cascade details down to the respective HRBP for call to action.
    • Training & Development: Ensure all HRBP’s are appropriately trained to effectively perform their tasks. Individual must be comfortable conducting training presentations. This would include conducting trainings related to system usage, so the HRBP can effectively perform their role.
    • Talent Management: Assist with full cycle recruiting which includes sourcing, conducting interviews, and extending offers.
    • Personal Development: Owns personal development by being curious and open to feedback, demonstrating both self-awareness and a willingness to learn.
    • Data, Metrics & Review: Tracks, analyzes, and utilizes a range of data metrics to guide discussions and improve virtual work performance, Review of hiring status on Match4Action departments and Social enterprises
  • Coaching: Promotes effective development though coaching and counseling direct reports. Provide Role clarity, Assessment of Training and development needs of the team to scale
  • Navigating change: Effective navigator of change through appropriate scoping and regular communication with key stakeholders .

Attributes for Success

We are a non-profit start up organization, but we are growing very quickly! The ideal Sr. HRBP for our team will be comfortable assisting us at this stage, and contributing to our continued growth. The Sr. HRBP will commit a minimum of 10 hours per week. This individual may be a Sr. HRBP or HR Manager in the past. Due to the high volume demands of this role, the ideal applicant may be in-between jobs and is looking for a longer-term volunteer position, in addition to possessing the following:

  • Prior experience leading and managing a team within Human Resources environment.
  • Bachelor or Master’s degree in Human Resources preferred.
  • Excellent communication skills, must be available to respond to inquiries within 48 hours.
  • Influential
  • Action Oriented
  • Quick Learner
  • Strategic
  • Strong multi-tasking skills needed to meet deadlines.
  • Sincere commitment to work collaboratively with all constituent groups.
  • Self-starter, able to work virtually, independently, and entrepreneurial; enjoys creating and implementing new initiatives.
  • Comfortable working in a startup phase non-profit organization.

"To help support you joining the right part of CrowdDoing for you, please use this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftd6E0tyV2uq7mMty1rZ80BB2MSGhbnof9gRBvaQXbrttIkg/viewform?usp=sf_link"

The only way CrowdDoing.world can realize its impact potential is through virtual volunteers, service learners (http://blog.reframeit.com/service-learning-and-skilled-volunteering/), and micro-leaders ( https://real-leaders.com/leveraging-micro-leadership-to-make-aspirational-goals-achievable/ ) coming together.

See this brief video about Micro-leadership at CrowdDoing ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdB2YJ8Ocs&app=desktop ). Micro-leadership means that each person adopts a dimension of responsibility for a collective problem in our society through collaborating on that area creatively individually and together through social innovation.

You are also welcome to see more background on CrowdDoing at our Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVoL7fai7oa95fBo44FC0gA?sub_confirmation=1).

Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/crowddoing.world/),

Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/CrowdDoing-515295062320613 ) ,

LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/company/18910309/ ).

You can see a CrowdDoing Volunteering FAQ here .


If you have any questions about processes for joining crowddoing as a volunteer please write to volunteerorientation@crowddoing.world

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Mission Statement

CrowdDoing [dot] world is a joint initiative of Match4Action Foundation and Reframe It. CrowdDoing is focused on addressing the social, economic, and environmental challenges our world faces by collaborating with professionals and volunteers from many different industries. We offer a platform for individuals to connect and collaborate toward creating systemic change. We would love for you to join the team! What makes us different? CrowdDoing aims to support social innovations with transformative impact potential through global multi-disciplinary volunteering, micro-leadership and service learning. We work through operating leverage for systems change to achieve collective agency. We orient to ikigai and self-determination theory in order to help each person have the perfect role. #systemschange #systemsthinking #servicelearning #socialinnovation


Match4Action connects those wanting to volunteer their skills with those in need for remote or local project support, advice, collaboration and mentoring.

Our smart technology platform uses the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants to match the demand for resources for social impact with the skills and resources available, anywhere in the world. We use blockchain to create and manage a social impact currency.This unique, self sustainable open platform has one key purpose: accelerating social impact through collaboration and linking local projects with our global presence.

CrowdDoing aims to leverage micro-leadership, service learning and massively multi-disciplinary collaboration supported with project managers and human resource business partners. Collaborate with people whom you can learn from while changing the world virtually together.





Sat Feb 24, 2024 - Fri May 24, 2024


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  • Management


  • People 55+


  • 15-20 hours/week

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