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"I stand against Domestic Violence" Domestic Violence Awareness Month in Volusia County

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FFT Helping Others


Domestic Violence Rally is a National & Global entity sisterhood of FFT Helping Other nonprofit organization. This year would be our first annual FREE Volusia County and Deland's Community Domestic Violence Awareness Survivor's Conference and Vigil called " I STAND AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE."

We will be bringing attention to our survivors in our community, incorporating family action plans, and bringing awareness to our community action plans.

We would love to give back to our communities by gathering together with FFT Helping Others and give back to our communities by holding a small vigil for those families who have lost a loved one to the effects of DV, child abuse, human & sex trafficking, and any form of violence in our community.

FFT Helping Others is trying to start a Kids Pilot Program to help keep kids off our streets and away from drugs and potentially be human and sex trafficking. We need to bring attention to the lack of access funds to help get transitional homes for women and children who have been battered and abused.

As a victim of domestic violence, Mrs.Cynthya Hale, the CEO and Founder of FFT Helping others and the Domestic Violence Rally, knows oh too well about the potential dangers many shelters pose and knows how important it is to get transitional homes in many areas. Mrs.Hale knows how desperate they are needed. When she was a victim of Domestic Violence, there was no help, nowhere to turn, but when she finally got to a transitional home, she was so glad to find hope for her children and herself. It was 26 years ago, and now she wants to do the same to turn a life around for some desperate woman in need, a child in danger, or a family with no hope.

The need is great, and we need volunteers, project managers, assistants, court advocates, therapists, volunteer grant writers, and qualified individuals to help make this possible. Be a part of this event and help Volusia County and FFT Helping Others help women and children domestically abused.

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About FFT Helping Others


1235 Providence Blvd, suite#1020, Deltona, FL 32725, US

Mission Statement

Assist with housing and community aid services for women and children affected & inflicted by the issues of Domestic Violence, IPV, and Human & Sexual Trafficking for 6 months. Services we provide Family Advocacy and soon transitional home access


What do we want?

  • Transitional Home

  • Safe Haven

  • Quality housing

  • We want to provide 6-month sustainability and turn around service aid for women and children affected by IPV & DV.

  • Family Advocacy Assistance

    How will this help our communities?‚Äč

  • Due to the number of human trafficking, sex trafficking, and Domestic Violence in Prince William County, we need transitional homes that assist our local area county agencies. Especially our police officers, sheriffs departments, and other county agencies that will alleviate the burden in our community.

  • We want to ensure an extended stay in our transitional home of 6 months rather than the max of 21 days. This will give us time for healthy mental assessment & aid, group psychological help, and on the job training and parental support.

  • Most victims who feel supported and are in a group or getting help from a therapist and are financially stable are more likely not to return to their abuser. And will feel safer rather than those who have no safety of financial or emotional support.

Advocacy & Human Rights
Children & Youth


Sat Oct 30, 2021
10:45 AM - 02:45 PM


815 South Alabama AveDeland, FL 32724



  • Youth Services
  • Family Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Event Planning / Management
  • Grant Writing / Research
  • CSR / Volunteer Coordination


  • People 55+
  • Group


  • Must be at least 18

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