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Nature Counter by CrowdDoing Volunteer Senior React Native Developer (with background info)

CrowdDoing has found small groups of trained professionals who know about specific nature benefits. There are people who have been trained in "Attention Restoration Theory", "forest bathing", "eco-therapy", "nature deficit disorder reduction", and other related terms. This has not be turned into a universal type of knowledge for any society to adopt in a modern context of majorities of the population living in cities and suburbs. CrowdDoing’s goal with Nature Counter is to create universal usable knowledge about what the benefits of nature dose are, how to access the benefits of nature dose and how to validate nature dose benefits for yourself. A world with more advanced processes to support nature dose could be more convivial, more resilient,would have faster learners and greater upward mobility among a plethora of benefits. Calculate the benefits to the health care system of their getting nature dose,

Our nature counter application gets people an expectation of benefit proportionately. We have a partially finished android and iphone app in gitab aiming at an MVP, and plans for a V2 partially developed. The app is not on the market yet.

People who live in cities and the communities that connect them can achieve goals through increasing their nature dose. There is a user-centered design gap in nature in culture in that it is not discussed in terms of its benefits. Exercise may have an obvious connection to health but the fact that people sitting on a park bench are experiencing a scientifically established public health benefit is not universally understood. Scientists have been explaining this to other researchers but it hasn’t become universal knowledge any country in the world.

  1. 1. React native (front end)

- Mobile and Android app/iOS app development

  1. 2. Redux
  2. - Mobile and Android app/iOS app development
  3. - saving all the local data in Redux (local storage)
  4. - for state management
  5. - for example, articles fetched from DB can be accessed in other pages by saving the state in Redux
  6. 3. Mongo DB and nodeJS and mongoose (for making connections between Mongo DB and nodeJS) - for backend
  7. Geo-fencing "React Native, Google Maps, or the API geofencing call. " advisor Ben on geo-fencing
  8. Languages required- React native, redux, nodejs, mongodb

Gitlab, slack is not complete. 2.0 is the main version that needs lots of help for schools to use, companies to use, health insurers to use, game companies to use etc.

22.2.Individuals and organizations can get the level of mental health, physical health and performance benefits they seek. The aim is to quantify the dose of nature benefits required to achieve individual and collective goals.

22.3.Key Features (functions/performance it must perform/provide)

Nature dose validation through GPS of time in park

Nature dose validation from user input of symptoms

Nature dose validation and estimation from literature review and meta analysis of benefits

Nature dose education

Nature dose habit building

Nature dose social use case for families and companies and communities.

22.4.Specification (if known)

22.4.1.Platform (i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix):

  1. Languages required- React native, redux, nodejs, mongodb

Nature Counter API-

Nature Counter individuals can aggregate data to a family, company, college, or other affiliation group through Nature Counter API.

Currently below modules are working fine:

  • Goal Setting,
  • Article
  • Daily Log Symptoms
  • Daily Manual / timer time entry

Nature Counter Project installation document.

Nature Counter Installation Process-

User Profile, Goal history and user benefit section is missing.

Currently we are working on benefits section as data is placeholder data.

Non-placeholder data-

We started with firebase but may need an alternative for larger usage

Mainly iphone, android, apple watch, desktop use case is more moodle and growth hackng at the beginning

Languages required- React native, redux, nodejs, mongodb, gitlab, slack

Senior React Native Developer Needed

- Experienced React-Native developer to build cross-platform app for both iOS and Android platforms.

- Knowledgeable of modern JavaScript (including ES6 syntax), HTTP, and Rest API development.

- Able to utilize and debug third party dependencies.

- Able to build smooth UI and extend current functionality of existing code base.

- Experience with mobile application architecture.

- Aid in the development of end to end app design and CI/CD processes.

- Strong team player with focus on collaborative effort; a willingness to share knowledge and communicate across teams is vital.

Developor is for Nature Counter:

Nature Counter./Biophelia Counter

" A recent study of 20,000 people published in the journal Scientific Reports finds that people who spend at least 120 minutes per week - that’s about 18 minutes a day - in nature are far more likely to report being in good health and having higher psychological well-being, as compared to those who don’t embrace nature. People who spent some time in nature, but fewer than 120 minutes a week, "were no more likely to report good health or high well-being than those who reported 0 minutes," the study authors found. "

You can see benefits of time in the park put on Nature Counter's linkedin page here-, You can see more background on our Nature Counter team here- You can see a post about how just 30 minutes a week in nature reduces the chance of depression by 7%.

120 Minutes per week in nature is also geo-locateable on phones. Have you gotten your 120 minutes a week at medium edose nature, or 90 minutes a day of high dose nature?

That is determinable by if your smart phone shows you in the park for how many minutes.

We aim to build an app that counts how many minutes in nature each week you have spent and reporting that back to the person. This is like step counts, but based on time in nature as walks through non-parks don’t count for the nature counter.

  • - Participate in weekly discussions across teams and stakeholders on ways to reach project goals.
  • Time-based nature benefits-
    • 15 Minutes in Nature
      • Decrease in pulse rate by 3.9%
      • Decrease in systolic blood pressure by 1.9%
      • Decrease in diastolic blood pressure by 2.1%
      • Lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone)
      • Increased parasympathetic nerve activity and decreased sympathetic nerve activity. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems work together to control respiration, digestion, and heart rate. When you are calm, the parasympathetic nervous system is increased, lowering your heart rate and respiration, and increasing digestion. In a stressful situation, the fight or flight (sympathetic) response is triggered, dilating pupils, increasing heart rate and respiration, which allows you to breathe faster.
      • Feel more relaxed, yet energized
    • 30 minutes in nature
      • All of the benefits from 15 minutes in nature AND
      • Increased attention span
      • Reduction in depression symptoms by 7%
      • Reduction in high blood pressure by 9%
    • 50 minutes in nature
      • All of the benefits from 15, 30, and 40 minutes in nature AND
      • An increased attention span with the ability to block out irrelevant stimuli and concentrate
      • A decreased level of anxiety
    • 120 minutes (2 hours) in nature
      • All of the benefits from 15, 30, 40, and 50 minutes in nature AND
      • An overall sense of well-being and happiness
      • A better, more restful sleep
    • 150 minutes (2.5 hours) in nature
      • All of the benefits from 15, 30, 40, 50, and 120 minutes in nature AND
      • Reduction in feelings of anxiety
      • Reduced need to ruminate on past events and focus on the future
    • 200 minutes in nature
      • All of the benefits from 15, 30, 40, 50, and 120 minutes in nature AND
      • The feeling of well-being and happiness

  • Nature benefits we're communicating:
    Performance on backwards digit-span (a cognitively demanding task that requires directed attention/requires the person to block out irrelevant stimuli and focus) significantly improved while walking in nature Maintain the focus staring at something on paper better during and after a walk in nature. The ability to focus was not only recuperated by nature, but was even better compared to before going out into nature. A faster and more stable pattern of responding on the Attention Network Task Cognitive performance especially for self-perceived affect was found to improve significantly more after nature interactions compared to urban interactions. Overall, BDS ( backwards digit span) performance improved on average by 0.75 (SD = 2.11) points from pre- to post-nature interactions and 0.29 (SD = 2.19) BDS points from pre- to post urban environment interactions. Reduce the population prevalence of depression and high blood pressure by up to 7% and 9% respectively. A lower rates of depression and of high blood pressure. 3.9% decrease in pulse rate. Systolic blood pressure was lower (1.9% decrease). Diastolic blood pressure was lower (2.1% decrease). good reported health and high subjective wellbeing lower concentrations of cortisol, lower pulse rate, lower blood pressure, greater parasympathetic nerve activity, and lower sympathetic nerve activity walking leads to improved psychological state, reduced state-anxiety and perceived stress

The only way can realize its impact potential is through virtual volunteers,service learners(, and micro-leaders ( coming together.

See this brief video aboutMicro-leadership at CrowdDoing ( Micro-leadership means that each person adopts a dimension of responsibility for a collective problem in our society through collaborating on that area creatively individually and together through social innovation.

You are also welcome to see more background on CrowdDoing at our Youtube Channel (

Instagram (,

Facebook ( ,

LinkedIn ( ).

You can see a CrowdDoing Volunteering FAQ here.

If you have any questions about processes for joining crowddoing as a volunteer please write to

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