Project Manager volunteer for's systemic change fund.

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Project Manager volunteer for's systemic change fund.

What is's systemic change fund?'s systemic change fund addresses this challenge.

How can everyone be able to economically afford to work on what they love?

How can sweat equity diversification of investment allow more people to afford to work on what they love?

If social enterprises and impact funds could collaborate to reduce the friction in capital access, this could help them access more of the right expertise as they need it. This approach can allow a diverse set of sweat-equity- staff to participate in early-stage social enterprises. This kind of flexibility can be made possible if a fraction of sweat-equity-staff remuneration could be secured in a portfolio of social enterprises, rather than only one.c
The Systemic Change Fund connects the impact community of experts, CrowdDoing volunteers, and institutions able to provide a range of in-kind services and goods-to be able to undertake collaborative capacity-building in support of social enterprises and social innovation.

More people could eventually be able to economically afford to work on what they love, if sweat equity staff could achieve economic diversification comparable to impact investors. Social enterprises are already places for inspiration, but they rarely have the capital to pay for help; their equity is a large, undiversified risk for the sweat equity investor. The Systemic Change Fund offers integral capital financing for every stage of development, for social enterprises that have truly transformational impact potential. Genesis partners with a capacity-building group of allies, to support different kinds of social innovation and social enterprise goals, through revenue-share-grounded-based in-kind lines of credit to participating social enterprises. The social enterprises with equity lines of credit for in-kind resources, can draw these down as easily as cloud services can be requested in the form of storage or computing power.

Systemic change fund document:

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Mission Statement

CrowdDoing is a joint initiative of Reframe It Inc. and Match4Action Foundation that is focused on helping address the UN Sustainable Development Goals and beyond through micro-leadership, massively multi-disciplinary collaboration, and service learning to support social innovation and social enterprise to achieve systemic change. CrowdDoing manages skilled volunteers, micro-leadership volunteers, multi-disciplinary volunteers and groups of service learning volunteers through a 501c3 partnership to challenges of social innovation, the social enterprise sector, and systemic change.


Match4Action connects those wanting to volunteer their skills with those in need for remote or local project support, advice, collaboration and mentoring.

Our smart technology platform uses the latest machine learning, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants to match the demand for resources for social impact with the skills and resources available, anywhere in the world. We use blockchain to create and manage a social impact currency.This unique, self sustainable open platform has one key purpose: accelerating social impact through collaboration and linking local projects with our global presence.

CrowdDoing aims to leverage micro-leadership, service learning and massively multi-disciplinary collaboration supported with project managers and human resource business partners. Collaborate with people whom you can learn from while changing the world virtually together.

Education & Literacy
Media & Broadcasting


Thu Jun 04, 2020 - Wed Jul 01, 2020


This is a Virtual Opportunity, with no fixed address.


  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Technical Writing
  • Journalism
  • Cross-cultural Communication
  • Verbal / Written Communication


  • Teens
  • People 55+
  • Group


  • Project Management

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