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Tulsa and vicinity: Help Launch a Groundbreaking Reading App

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American Youth Literacy Foundation

3 reading is forever

Is your child one of the 55 million students who has been displaced from school due to COVID-19?

Is your child an emerging reader in 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade who is on the path to reading, but isn’t quite there yet?

Now you can do something incredible to help your child, to help your family, and to help potentially millions of children and millions of families across the country, by teaching your child how to read (in just about 12 hours) using the FUNetix Literacy App, and by providing us with critical "user feedback" as part of our "Advanced Product Trials" nationwide, pre-launch beta testing.

We are the American Youth Literacy Foundation, a twelve year old nationwide 501 (c) (3), charitable non-profit, founded in 2008 and dedicated to bringing literacy to ALL children by the time they finish 3rd grade. For the past 12 years, we have worked with thousands of children of all abilities and all socio economic backgrounds, across the country, teaching them how to read.

Imagine that your child could be reading within 12 hours of starting the FUNetix app. The new school year is here, and reading is the key to progress in school and in learning.

The FUNetix Reading App is different. W e’ve unlocked the "secret code" that enables kids to learn how to read incredibly quickly, and with a deep understanding of fundamental reading principles and phonics, without the confusion or frustration that learning to read often brings.

The FUNetix app is based on the incredibly simple idea that you can show children how to pronounce words so that they don't have to guess or ask a grown up. In fact, the method is so simple, you'll wonder why nobody thought of it before?

But the fact is, it HAS been thought of before and was actually used by the Greeks more than 2,000 years ago. The system is called "diacritics;" (and essentially consists of little pronunciation marks above the words); and when applied to English it takes all of the guesswork out of reading. It's like putting training wheels on your child's bike so they don't fall down while they're learning and skin their knees, or worse, give up trying to learn how to ride altogether.

This amazing, patented "Reading Decoding System," was created 17 years ago by Founder and Executive Director, Mr. R. Kali Woodward, who, as a former Spanish and Arabic language translator for the 101st Airborne Division, U.S. Army, experienced firsthand, the struggle that many children have learning how to read. Mr. Woodward found himself having to homeschool his then, 8 year old, second grade son, who had not learned how to read in school despite repeating kindergarten and having lots of extra support and help from reading specialists.

Mr. Woodward founded the American Youth Literacy Foundation in 2008, and for 12 years we have been using this patented curriculum to teach children how to read. And for the past 4 years we have been translating our instructional games and activities into an app. We began building our app long before the Coronavirus ever hit, and we will be teaching children long after COVID leaves; but for right now, we are making final preparations to bring the app to the App Store and Google Play on Thanksgiving, 2020.

By participating in our advanced product trials, you will be able to access the app before anyone else. You will be able to teach your child to read using a system so easy, that virtually any child can learn how to read to a second grade level or beyond in just 12 hours. And for older students who still struggle, the app goes back and fills in the missing pieces so that the foundation becomes strong for rapid upward acceleration to grade level comprehension.

We are inviting up to 1,000 people to download and play the entire app and provide critical feedback to us so that we can make our final decisions on how to optimize the user experience (UX) ahead of our launch.

By using the FUNetix app, your child will learn ALL 44 sounds of the English language . They will learn how to blend sounds and sound symbols together to form words, using a "Secret Code" called 21E. They will learn all of this in about 4 hours.

Then they will begin reading English words using our patented system of diacritics, which are special, child friendly sound symbols that show your child how to pronounce ANY English word. It takes about another 4 hours to begin mastering this special pronunciation guide.

Then your child will spend another 4 hours of the app practicing, by playing games and reading stories, and receiving additional instruction, in order to build their skills and their confidence.

After about 12 hours of total instruction time, your child will gain access to an entire library of wonderful content, including books, games, puzzles, poems, stories and treasure hunts. As they work their way through the many varied reading options, they will always have a simple button to push when they want to see, for example, how a new word is pronounced. They simply push the FUNetix button within the game or story, and the diacritics magically appear. We call this button, the "Magic Decoder." But you can only use the "Magic Decoder" if you know the "Secret Code." Children who know the Secret Code can push the Magic Decoder button whenever they want to unlock the pronunciation of ANY English word. That's how simple it is. That’s FUNetix!

Your child will come out of the app reading at a 2nd grade level or higher, and they will be ready to accelerate at lightning speed into all things written, including books, stories, games, puzzles and grade level course material. If your child is already in 3rd grade or higher, they will now have the fundamental reading skills they've been missing to help them quickly catch up to their grade level course material and their peers.

The app works because it teaches "phonological (sound) awareness" FIRST, allowing the developing brain to create a "neural map" of the 44 unique sounds of English. The app does this through the use of child-friendly, pictograms, or, "sound symbols."

The app works because it first shows children that each sound can be represented as a symbol; and then it shows children that these sound symbols can be blended together to form the very same words that they use in their everyday conversations. Children begin to recognize that sound symbols are the pictorial representations of our spoken language, and the fundamental building blocks of our written code.

The app works because it introduces the English writing system much later in the reading process (about 4 hours later, to be specific). Every English spelling pattern, for example, "ee" and "ea," is equated to one of the 44 sounds that the student is now fully familiar with. When the app introduces English after about 4 hours, it does so by showing children ALL of the pieces of a given word and how the sound of each piece ("phonics") is easily revealed by the Magic Decoder (the diacritic symbols they already know, strategically positioned above the word.)

The app works because it teaches ALL of the fundamentals of reading in the RIGHT order. And the app works because it provides children with a "touch of the button" pronunciation guide, and teaches them how to interpret that pronunciation guide. Again, it’s like a set of training wheels for learning how to read! Children learn using the diacritics, but once they have seen a word a few times, they no longer need them. By the end of the app, children are essentially weaning off of the diacritics except where new, "novel" words are introduced, words that they have never seen before. For new words, students always have the FUNetix button available so they never have to ask a parent or teacher or older sibling how to decode the words they see on the page. They can do it themselves! And if it’s a word they already know the meaning of, they immediately make the association and UNDERSTAND the context in which it is being used. In this way, reading comprehension soars!

So if you have 12 hours that you would like to "gift" to your child, and donate to this incredible cause of helping millions of children learn how to read, we are looking for up to 1,000 parents and children to use the app now!

We hope that you and your child have an incredible experience learning how to read with the patented "FUNetix 12 Hour Literacy App!" And we hope that your child becomes a lifelong reader like so many other children who have learned how to read using the FUNetix curriculum. We also hope that your candid feedback will help us make this app as fun and interesting and enjoyable as possible for millions of children who will use it after Thanksgiving, 2020. And of course this is all 100% FREE. We are a 501 (c) (3) charitable non-profit, and we are giving this app away to the world, for FREE! That is our purpose and our mission, and has been since our inception!

To sign up, simply go to www.FUNetix.org .

Thank you for considering this opportunity and we wish you the very best, especially in these challenging times!

-From ALL of us on Team FUNetix thank you!

Mr. R. Kali Woodward

Founding Executive Director

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