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ORGANIZATION: Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.

  • A group opportunity. Invite your friends.
  • 2 people are interested
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"For the teacher can never be greater than his student. And the student can never be greater than his teacher."

Would you like to join in this Association of Universal Philosophy that angels formed?

Here's how you can join (or donate). See https://aup589.wixsite.com/joinaup?fbclid=IwAR0yOHRox0yQGHBaWR00cD6QZMqHGO_aCX5d0ii9S35NfsTvcvFJ4v1HA8M

You can learn about the Association and how it began here--https://medium.com/a-stairway-to-heaven

Follow the Association of Universal Philosophy on Facebook-- https://www.facebook.com/AUniversalPhilosophy/

Read the Book with Wings (and also angels parables) - https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/books?ie=UTF8&pn=irid98858377

You can even listen to their recorded words--https://www.youtube.com/AUniversalPhilosophy

How will joining in association with the spiritual messengers of God help?

It's why His spiritual messengers have come.

That's what it's all about--you, and God.

"We are here but for one purpose, and that purpose is to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah."

"New words shall be written upon the sky, but they must be written in men's hearts first."

The spiritual messengers of God said, on June 24, 1983: "Yet, we say unto you, if you can produce 300 people of righteous hearts you may avoid this from happenĀ­ing, that they may come together before God....

"As we have said before, bring 300 souls who should prepare the way for the coming of the Messiah unto one house, and that which you dread the most shall be prevented."

A man asked the angels: "By bringing them together in one house do you mean in one worship or in one geographic location or building?"

"Of one mind."

June 8, 1984, a man asked: "Since this is our Annual Meeting, and many people have gathered, is there any message you would like to give anyone?"

"We have given unto you all a special message. if you shall take it into your hearts and know from which it comes; it comes with love. We have said unto you, 'Let 300 come,' and you may divert that great catastrophe, which so many shall dread. You are reaching and touching. Your numbers are growing. Let us all pray before the Seventh Seal is opened that the number of 300 shall be reached." [See The Revelation , chapter 8.]

"But we say into you, the Lord, thy God, has loved thee unto the utmost, for He has trusted you with the most precious gifts He owns. And He is willing to give you all of the knowledge He has, for "nothing shall be covered that light shall not shine upon." And no words shall be spoken that you shall not hear, if you wish to listen.

"You have come from many places. You have brought yourselves with you. You are the vineyard; you are the fine wine, and you are the merchants.

"Glory be the name of the Lord, thy God."

Some remember the story of how Abraham bargained with God to intercede to save his city (in Genesis 18:16-32).

One may not have thought to help bring peace on Earth in this way, with God--or that the opportunity could come. But God's spiritual messengers remember these things. And they ask the Father for such a gift for us.

One may not know if what they say is true. Only our Father knows. But if you had such a choice, and it might make a difference in a city, would you volunteer to help with this?

In joining "of one mind", the spiritual messengers of God have not asked anyone to leave his or her own faith or way of knowing God, for this is how one knows Him. Nothing is asked--only that we love God one tenth as much as He love us, and that we love one another in the same manner. In being "of one mind" we are asked that our prayers be in accord with His will and with one another.

That's all that is necessary for the saving of our world, we have been told.

"As we have said, love, love of thy fellow man, unselfish love, and if your world could learn to love one-tenth, and know one-tenth of the love of our Father, that’s all that would be necessary for the saving of your world." (Spiritual messengers of God, Aka, August 3, 1970)

Please email AUP@earthlink.net to let us know you want to join in the Association of Universal Philosophy that the spiritual messengers of God formed.

Here’s how you can join us-- https://aup589.wixsite.com/joinaup or https://judyaz.wixsite.com/join-or-donate.

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About Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.


P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502, US

Mission Statement

To prepare a way within hearts and minds of people of all faiths for the coming of the Messiah and a thousand years of peace upon Earth, as God counts.


  • The Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc., is a non-profit spiritual, philosophical and educational association of people of all faiths and spirit God sends in His love for His many children. It is in hopes to bring many people closer to God, each in their own way, and to bring understanding and peace on Earth. The Association is not meant to take anyone from their faith or personal belief in God, but rather to support each in his or her own path, while encouraging acceptance of others in their beliefs in God. By loving God and loving one another we, as individuals, can make steps toward the promised thousand years of peace. For the preparation for the Messiah's coming will be made within our hearts first.
See https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1boGeX3umrLouZ8cCQzBNr10chgLwe9jOiKPsN1xyxEE/edit?usp=sharing.

Join us and become a subscribing member. See how at https://aup589.wixsite.com/joinaup?fbclid=IwAR0yOHRox0yQGHBaWR00cD6QZMqHGO_aCX5d0ii9S35NfsTvcvFJ4v1HA8M


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