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The first gray hair that sprouts out of your head indicate a new change in life. The inevitability of time and aging can’t be denied, and that hair is the symbol of metamorphosis for most people.

After a lifetime of health and fitness, most people are not ready for the change. Aging doesn’t just bring about gray hair, but it affects the whole body. There are psychological and behavioral changes included in the process, so measuring aging by the emergence of gray hair isn’t quite an accurate estimate.

With time, our body changes and the signs become more apparent. The eyesight that never lets you down might start declining. A decline in the function of senses affects daily activities and that’s when you start to notice the changes. You might also experience an increase in the frequency of disease or susceptibility to frailty. All of these things point to a new turn in your life - growing old.

The changes might be too overwhelming for most people. The rapid changes that the body and mind experience can leave the person drained. The transition is especially hard for people who have spent a healthy and fit life. Adjusting to a frail body and decreased health span is emotionally distressing. But since aging is inevitable, little good comes out of this stress.

With this book, we aim to ease the process of aging and discuss each aspect of this life stage. From healthcare services to elderly rights, the book is a guiding light for the elderly and their loved ones. The book touches on all the topics that can make this process easier for the elderly. So, let’s begin!

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