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Driver: Provides safe, reliable transportation for active-duty military personnel to or from the Palm Springs or Ontario Airports, and the MCAGCC base at 29 Palms, CA. Must have a valid State-issued driver's license, provide a reliable, late model car, van, or SUV, carrying full liability insurance coverage, or drive one of our S.O.S. minivans. Drivers must treat our passengers with respect and congeniality. Gas expense is reimbursed. Drivers who operate our 14-passenger van, must possess a CDL license.

Store Helpers:
Performs various duties in the S.O.S Resale Boutique, including but not limited to, cashier, stocking, pricing, accepting donations, display, greeting customers with a smile, and in a friendly and helpful manner. Other duties as needed.

Contacts volunteer drivers by phone, text, or email to pair drivers and passengers, for any given day and time. Detail oriented individuals with a pleasant telephone voice are desired.

Takes ride requests from the website, and/or telephone requests from active-duty servicemen and women, or their families. Sets up pick up times based on fight times, base check-in time requirements, and other factors.

Grant Writers:
Individuals to research, draft, and submit proposals that help S.O.S. receive grant funding. Must possess writing skills to produce cover letters, project narratives, and supporting information. Able to convince funders that S.O.S. is profoundly worthy of their trust and support.

Newsletter Writer: A person with exceptional writing and composition skills to write a monthly newsletter, detailing the activities of S.O.S. in an entertaining and informative manner. Excellent communication and writing skills are essential. Must be able to incorporate photographs in with the narrative.

Graphic Designer/Computer Geek: An individual skilled in CAD and CGI to assist in designing various forms of communication within S.O.S., whether in print or online.

Web Builder: A computer-savvy individual who can constantly upgrade the S.O.S. website and keep it fresh, contemporary, and informative. Must possess experience in Web Design and computer graphic interfaces.

Social Media Director: This person will maintain S.O.S.'s presence in Social Media, using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media Sites. Age is not a factor for this position! The younger, the better, however!

Photographer: This position requires an individual who possesses a keen eye for composition, lighting, and formatting, for photographs used in various S.O.S. publications, either in print, or online. Knowledge of Digital Photography is desirable. Must be available to photograph special events, and other situations as requested by our Founding Director.

Event Scheduler: A person who can work with the Founding Director to choose convenient dates, and venues for various special events held throughout the year, ie. Golf tournaments, Oktoberfest, and other fundraising efforts.

Event Coordinator: Works with the Founding Director to put together events, and make sure all aspects and details work together smoothly.

Event Committee Members: Individuals to work on various special events committees, and take on specific tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Event Coordinator. Must be detail-oriented, and able to follow-through effectively. Strong interpersonal skills are desired, as well as the ability to work in a team environment.

Volunteer Orientation Director: A person with exceptional speaking skills who can meet with groups of incoming volunteers, explain our mission, get the necessary paperwork, coordinated training (if necessary), arrange ride-along, and help expedite base pass approvals.

Booth Coordinator: Whereas S.O.S. maintains information booths at various events throughout the Valley, this person will be responsible for setting up the booth, staffing, and obtaining the necessary printed matter, banners, and other booth accessories.

Press Release Writer: This individual will produce press release for local media, as directed by the Founding Director. Must have excellent written communication skills, and be adept to composition, grammar, and spelling.

Guest Speaker: This person must possess excellent speaking and communication skills. Must be comfortable speaking to large groups, and able to convey the mission of S.O.S. with passion and conviction. The object of this position is to solicit donations and volunteers, so this person will become the public "face " of S.O.S.

Ambassador: A polished, well-versed individual to act as liaison between S.O.S., the USO, and the base commander at MCAGCC. Must be well acquainted with the mission S.O.S.

Furniture Movers: From time to time, the S.O.S. Resale Boutique receives donations of large furniture, so these individuals must be able to move heavy, perhaps unwieldy furniture to, from, or within the boutique.

Specialty Tradesmen: Carpenters, plumbers, electricians and other skilled tradesmen are needed to perform various tasks at the S.O.S headquarters, the Resale Boutique, or The Veterans Communications Center, as directed by the Founding Director.

Vehicle Maintenance: This individual will be charged with taking our minivans, and large 14-passenger van, to a designated repair facility for required maintenance. This person will also monitor oil levels, tire pressures, and the condition of various other vehicle systems, i.e.. Wipe blades, A/C refrigerant, etc., to make sure each vehicle is in top condition, and remains safe to operate.

Office Workers: These individuals will assist with general office work, including but not limited to, filling, typing letters, answering phone calls, and any other similar work as directed by our Founding Director.

Bookkeeper: This position required a person who has skills as a CPA, and can balance the books, pay bills, write checks, maintain bank accounts, and assist the Founding Director in all financial matters.

Shopkeeper: This person will be charge of the general, day-to-day operations of the S.O.S Resale Boutique at our headquarters. Responsible for staffing, inventory control, loss prevention, display, and all other aspects of running the boutique. Resale experience is a plus.

Parades Coordinator: S.O.S. will be looking for Valley-wide parades in which to participate. This individual will seek out parades that will showcase the mission of S.O.S., research entry requirements, request necessary funding, and take charge of volunteer & military participation, and float creation (if necessary).

Monthly Boot Events: Individuals are needed help man the S.O.S. booth at local events, and will report to the Booth Coordinator. Perform various booth duties including, but not limited to, set up, hourly staffing, brochure distribution, and tear-down.

ANA Vip Tent: Individuals are needed to man the S.O.S booth at this annual women's PGA golf tournament at Mission Hills. Reporting to the Event Coordinator.

Cruising and Grooving: Drivers are needed, preferably with a classic car, to drive our Marines during various "Cruise Events" sponsored by local villages and towns.

Golf Tournament: Individuals are needed to fill various positions at monthly golf tournaments sponsored by S.O.S., as directed by the Event Coordinator.

Music Event: S.O.S. may man a booth at some of the area music festivals, so individuals are needed to set up, staff, and tear down these booths, as directed by the Event Coordinator.

Holiday Transport Coordinator: During certain holiday periods, S.O.S. receives greater than normal requests for transportation to and from the airports by USMC service members and their families. At times, it is necessary for S.O.S. to utilize all S.O.S. vans, all volunteers and their cars, as well as chartering large 54 passenger coaches to transport large volumes of USMC. This individual will coordinate all aspects of moving large numbers of USMC at holiday periods throughout the year.

Volunteer Birthday Parties: Each month, S.O.S. would like to acknowledge the birthdays of its volunteers with group party. This individual will track volunteer birthdays, and coordinate a party for any given month.

Literature Packet Marker: Individuals are needed to put together packets of S.O.S. material for distribution at special events, and/or at our Veteran's Communications Center.

Thank You Letter Writer: A person with excellent letter-writing skills is needed to compose and send "Thank You" letters to various donors, sponsors, volunteers, etc., on an ongoing basis. Must possess excellent written communications skills, grammar, and congeniality.

Data Entry: This individual will gather and maintain statistics for use on the S.O.S. website, i.e., number to troops transported, dollars saved , volunteer hours committed, and various other stats as desired by our Founding Director. Experience using Spreadsheets is desirable.

S.O.S. Contact Coordinator: This person will maintain a list of media contacts for the Founding Director, including but not limited to radio, newspaper, television, and any other media useful for S.O.S.

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