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Seeking a dedicated Dynamic Board of Directors, who are committed to ending poverty and inequality, to help guide NFP Initiatives' global mission, project "InDivisible".

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  • Infrastructure and Technology
  • International Diplomacy
  • Legal and Constitutional Rights
  • Political Campaigns
  • Corporate and Class Inclusion
  • Global Trade and Commerce
  • Media and Film
  • Interfaith

Truth -- until an equitable social and economic system is implemented globally, most of the projects and organizations you fund and serve will never accomplish their missions, and can only serve a fraction of the people who require assistance.

We are hoping that you, like us, think strategically, long-term and into the future; and that you have begun to investigate what is required to create a system that is truly equitable. One that prevents poverty, injustice, and corruption without harm; one that truly embraces the idea of the American Dream.

Today, is a diminished state of what mankind can and will become. Only through knowledge and peace, with technology, and the building of an equitable transparent system can the advancement of mankind be assured. Moral, social, and political corruption has diminished the humanity of the human race because corruption is embraced, admired, ignored as status quo, and systemically minimized as a standard course of business, or common practice - which has extinguished hope of a better world.

Project InDivisible is an initiative encompassing: civil societies, democracy, education, poverty and violence prevention, economic and job development, monetary stability, and the technological applications required for global social and economic security.

Your commitment will aid in the construction of a real social and economic model that can be implemented locally, nationally, and internationally.

The technological applications we have conceived, which are outlined in detail in the full proposal, make use of constructive outcome logic.

For example, the System Core interrelates with the policies and various systems we have conceived:

  • 1) Our Dual Monetary System makes use of Earned Equity for standard needs provision and money for Capital Markets.
  • 2) The Earned Equity System interlaces with Labor Management Systems to ensure all people have access to the Standard Needs for life: food, housing, clean water, education, medical care, and vital community utilities; ensures 100 percent employment of all able-bodied persons, which reduces work hour requirements to ensure parents can properly raise and educate their children, which will help to revitalize communities. It also secures an individual’s retirement through the Standard Needs Earned Equity System, to prevent the debt burden of retirement accounts upon cities, states, governments, unions, and corporations.
  • 3) Our Global Monetary Standards make use of eight factors to stabilize the creation of money, and to ensure the value of money globally without need of monetary policy manipulation. Through interlinked National and Global Compensation and Transaction Administrations (GCTA), the equitable payment of compensation is ensured regardless of gender, nationality, or ethnicity/race - which ensures the end of low wage slavery, stolen wages, the trafficking of people for money, and will help to ensure the independence and equality between women and men to end sexual exploitation and monetary based dependency that contributes to spousal and child abuse and neglect.
  • 4) Our Dual Monetary System interlaces with our Legislative System, Production Applications, and our 60/30/10 Resource Partition Plan and Systems to provide the manpower that ensures the products a society determines (by legislative vote of each citizen) to be required are provided for all people, based on indigenous materials, resources, de-production, and recycling. And our Production and Resource Inventory Applications, and Components interlink with our Compensation System to ensure all materials are tracked. Also, ecological devastation can be minimized based on De-Production Systems and our Recycling Compensation Systems. Labor will be allocated to the de-production and recycling process through the Earned Equity System, and reusable resources thoroughly tracked by Resource Inventory and Shortage Warning Systems.
  • 5) Our local and global 60/30/10 Resource Partition Systems will interlace with Production Systems to ensure resources are available for Standard Needs and Capital Markets (Capital Markets - require monetary exchange), to prevent resource based wars and conflicts. And interlace with the Debt Settlement Calculation Systems to ensure a portion of each nations’ production is allocated to settle this generations’ debt obligations; and ensures the individuals who once held a nations’ bonds are fairly compensated.
  • 6) In-turn, the Standard Needs Earned Equity System and Capital Market Systems interlace with the i-Act - Employment Systems and utilize the Global Compensation Standards to determine compensation (skill level, education level, position hierarchy...) and establishes the True Cost of Production and/or Service Provision to ensure price stability.
  • 7) Capital Markets Systems are utilized so an individual can purchase the goods and services they desire, which are not available in the Standard Needs Earned Equity System, and thereby ensures innovation.
  • 8) Our Legislative System is interlaced with our Production System and the Standard Needs System so citizens can determine what products are needed, the availability of resources, and grant resource acquisition rights to corporations for production through approval of legislative enactments confirmed by the people who will have the available time to invest in legislative activities because of the Standard Needs Earned Equity System’s limited work hour requirements.
  • 9) Corporations are interlaced within the system without having the expense of resource or labor procurement, thereby creating open and fair markets, which secures labor rights and unions, and grants independence from corporations (and ends the ability of corporations to monetarily influence the legislative and political process).
  • 10) Our Education System is also interlaced with the Earned Equity and Monetary Systems as the rate of one’s compensation is directly linked to an individual’s education and skill level, and serves as a natural incentive for individuals to pursue higher education, which is provided to all people through the Standard Needs Earned Equity System. The iAct Production and Service Systems interlace with the Education and Certification Systems for automated job placement based on an individual’s certifications, performance, and skill ratings and will help to prevent job discrimination, which will help to diminish social stresses that provoke protectionism and intolerance.
  • 11) The i-Effect - Judicial System interlaces with iAct- Production Systems, Black Market Systems, and the i-Amwe Reporting and Information System, to ensure every individual has the means and right to petition for redress of grievances, without cost (with use of the Standard Needs System), to ensure violations of one’s rights are addressed without need of violence.

The vast scope of Project InDivisible requires a conglomerate of consultants from numerous industries, professions, institutions, and nations - who are currently being sought to aid this project. Creation of the applications we term "The System Core", will be a project of mass undertaking by all nations - and will be a monument and legacy comparable to the pyramids of Egypt.

If you are dedicated to ending poverty please submit your resume or CV.

  • Please familiarize yourself with the full proposal and interactive calculations at:
  • Tell us what board position you are interested in filling
  • Prepare a brief summary of why you wish to be involved with Project InDivisible

Once your volunteer application is received, we will contact you by email to setup a phone meeting to discuss your interest and experience, and the responsibilities and obligations of Board Membership.

Please Note: NFP Initiatives is a secular organization partnering with AdvanCN. The planning of Project InDivisible began in 2008. After eight years of diligent volunteer work and 18-hour days for more than six years by AdvanCN, we are preparing to present this project to the world.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for your time and interest.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Relationship Building
  • Critical Thinking
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Professional Development
  • Software Engineering

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People 55+

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  • Varies
  • Please forward your CV or Resume, and tell us why you are interested in Board Member

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