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Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.

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A stairway to God
Would you like to join us? "This organization is designed, not as a religion; each of you here belong to you own religions, and this is as it should be. This is a philosophy," Ray Elkins said. Listen to spiritual messengers of God with a gift of universal philosophy

Ray Elkins was a "sleeping prophet" through whom spirutal messenger of God spoek from 1970 to 1989. These messages were transcribed. Now we have organized them into three broad categories, the philosophy, health readings, and past-life readings (and miscellaneous). Now it's finally time to organize some of their words and spiritual guidance into topics.

There are many possible topics. Let us know your interests and we'll try to provide this for you to categorize and organize into a document.

You won't write or edit any of the transcribed words. We want to keep them verbatim, exactly as the angels spoke them. We have spent many years listening and listening again and again to the tape recordings so that the transcripts are accurate as possible.

But you can write introductions and transitions between paragraphs, if you'd like. If not, your help organizing a draft document by topic would be just what we need at this time.

There's a lot of flexibility in this volunteer opportunity. If you like to compile collections of information (perhaps like a term paper at school) you could gather and select quotes this way.

Or if you'd like to add information, you could research the topic on the internet and write commentary to help with the understanding and meaning of their guiadance or prophecies.

What topics are there? There are many, spanning over a 19-year period in which they talked about 450 evenings. If you're familiar with the Edgar Cayce material you might think of it that way. Or if you're interested in scriptures and prophecies, this too is a way of understanding what the spritual messengers of God have said. People find information spoken in ways they already understand in their own faith. God's spiritual messengers are not one religion or denomination, but are sent to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah on Earth for all who will receive. So each will find their own interest and understanding. That's a beautiful way in which God reaches to man to help us remember and know our Father better. AMerican Idians may be reminded of some knowledge the elders have taught. Science buffs may find topics on Earth changes, energy sources, or other answers about our universe valuable and in keeping with man's latest knowledge. Yet we were told long ago, even before the Hubble telescope, about our universe and universes and worlds beyond worlds. Health care professionals may recognize accurate diagnotic readings and suggestions for individuals about their health problems. This too is a large body of knowledge, as individuals asked for health readings over the years. Preppers might appreciate the advice on preparing for disaster prophesied. The faithful may be happy to share with others through this project that if we join together in prayer and asking God the future can be changed. In fact, the timing of the Messiah's coming is known only to God, but a way must be prepared first in men and women's hearts.

The topics are many fron which to choose. They come from th questions people through to ask the spiritual messengers of God thoe evenings. Although you may have mised sitting at their feet and listening to vast consiousness that fills the universes, and yet entered into an unconscious man to speak to us, you can still hear their words and share what they came to teach us.

If you'd like to help with the writing project, please ask.

All that the angels have asked is that we not misinterpret their words, for in doing so, we woudl misinterpret the words of God and His mighty plan. And they also say there can be no material gain from their words, only the gain our souls will receive in hearing their messages and drawing closer to God. After all, God sent them to give a message freely to the world, to all who will open their hearts to receive. All of their words, they tell us, were spoken but for one purpose, to prepare a way for the coming of the Messiah. That way must first be prepared in people's hearts and minds.

If sharing a topic from universal philsophy sounds good to you, please volunteer to help us gather and write this. Bless you!

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To prepare a way within hearts and minds of people of all faiths for the coming of the Messiah and a thousand years of peace upon Earth, as God counts.


  • The Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc., is a non-profit spiritual, philosophical and educational association of people of all faiths and spirit God sends in His love for His many children. It is in hopes to bring many people closer to God, each in their own way, and to bring understanding and peace on Earth. The Association is not meant to take anyone from their faith or personal belief in God, but rather to support each in his or her own path, while encouraging acceptance of others in their beliefs in God. By loving God and loving one another we, as individuals, can make steps toward the promised thousand years of peace. For the preparation for the Messiah's coming will be made within our hearts first.

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