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ORGANIZATION: Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.

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A stairway to God
Would you like to join us? "This organization is designed, not as a religion; each of you here belong to you own religions, and this is as it should be. This is a philosophy," Ray Elkins said. Listen to spiritual messengers of God with a gift of universal philosophy http://www.youtube.com/AUniversalPhilosophy

This can be an interesting, challenging editing or writing project. You can read through quotes collected on a general topic and select a few themes.

The topics you might choose are many. In the life readings are glimpses of mankind's history from the beginning to prerecorded times to beyond Atlantis and Egypt, to the Americas, to the present. Are you a history buff? Do you like to organize? Can you imagine a timeline with more information than man's recorded history?

Perhaps you have a medical or naturopathic background? Are you a native American or herbalist healer? You might enjoy organizing individual's health readings if you can understand the likely conditions described or suggested remedies. What does healing of body, soul (mind) and spirit mean? Do you have a counseling background? You might like to gather an article from the readings about healing of the mind/soul.

Or would you like to research through the readings and describe what is it like after passing? What is heaven?

What does our Father want us to know?

Do you like to study prophecies? What can we do to create a better future and outcome? Or bring heaven upon earth? Interested in learning more about Earth changes by gathering and researching what was said? You might enjoy adding what you discover in an internet search to help study the prophecies and discover which have come or are coming true.

Some might wish to know, what are the prophecies about the coming of the Messiah?

What does the mark of the Beast mean? What are prophecies about the beast and the Anti-Christ beforehand?

People have asked the spiritual messengers of God many questions over 19 years. And they have been answered -- not by changing what we already have, but by adding to what is already there.

Do you have a certain topic you'd like to research and gather into a collection of readings? If so, please let us know, as you volunteer to help. Thanks.

Here are some articles, books and videos to help you know more about the words of Aka, spiritual messengers of God, whom our Father sends:






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About Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc.


P.O. Box 1142, Globe, AZ 85502, US

Mission Statement

To prepare a way within hearts and minds of people of all faiths for the coming of the Messiah and a thousand years of peace upon Earth, as God counts.


  • The Association of Universal Philosophy, Inc., is a non-profit spiritual, philosophical and educational association of people of all faiths and spirit God sends in His love for His many children. It is in hopes to bring many people closer to God, each in their own way, and to bring understanding and peace on Earth. The Association is not meant to take anyone from their faith or personal belief in God, but rather to support each in his or her own path, while encouraging acceptance of others in their beliefs in God. By loving God and loving one another we, as individuals, can make steps toward the promised thousand years of peace. For the preparation for the Messiah's coming will be made within our hearts first.
See https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1boGeX3umrLouZ8cCQzBNr10chgLwe9jOiKPsN1xyxEE/edit?usp=sharing.

Join us and become a subscribing member. See how at https://aup589.wixsite.com/joinaup?fbclid=IwAR0yOHRox0yQGHBaWR00cD6QZMqHGO_aCX5d0ii9S35NfsTvcvFJ4v1HA8M


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