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2 (separate) sets of foster parents needed for our 2 bonded pairs of kitties!

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Milwaukee Pets Alive

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We have an immediate need for 2 (separate) sets of foster parents for our 2 bonded pairs - Baba and Ivy, and Pip and Baloo!

We have an urgent and Immediate need for new foster homes for our 2 bonded pairs -and Baba and Ivy and Pip and Baloo who currently share the same foster home (Baba is the mom kitty and her offspring are Ivy, Pip, and Baloo - now adolescents) and whose foster is moving and can't take them with.

As an entirely foster home-based rescue, we rely on the goodness of the people in our community to help us save the special ones by opening their hearts and homes to them as foster parents. We simply can't do this without you.

We have no applications or leads for either pair which sends a wide range of emotions coursing through our veins - including fear, worry, etc. Again, our animals live in foster homes - we need those individuals who fit what our animals' need to come forward and help our innocent animals.

Baba is a little black kitty (who looked to be an older kitten of about 11 months old) who wandered into our Director's yard in the fall of 2018. She likely had very little to no experience with people before (and had never been in a home) so our Director worked diligently, day in and day out, as the temperatures grew colder, to earn her trust and provide her with a better life than the one lived outdoors.

Our Director and Baba became fast friends, and she did earn her trust...so much so that she brought her her 3, 8 week old kittens! By now, there was snow and freezing temperatures, and all the kittens had very bad colds. We were so lucky to have a foster applicant in our inbox that was a perfect match to socialize these kittens and get them healthy and they took them in without delay (and are going to adopt them!).

Baba's socialization needs were slightly different than her kittens being a bit older, so we searched for a quiet foster home for her to reach her full potential. When we got her placed in the right one, we noticed her belly seemed rounded, and was growing daily. She had 3 more little lives she was carrying with her, and this time, she got to give birth in the warmth of one of our foster homes on February 2, 2019.

The first, and biggest, born was Baloo. She was pair-shaped like Baloo from the Jungle Book and ended up being just as goofy and silly as she grew - so the name was a perfect match! The second born was a surprise because she was all white! But we knew from Baba's first litter, that Baba must carry a Siamese kitten (because there was a Siamese mix in her first litter) and Siamese kittens are born pure white and the cooler areas of their bodies (ears, face, tail, and extremeties) start to change color over time after they are out of the warmth of their mother's uterus and exposed to the cooler air of the environment. We named her Pip as she was the little pip-squeak of the litter. And the last born and smallest (though first to try her paws at walking) is Ivy a brown and white tabby. All the kittens' names were finalized when they were a little older and we got to see their personalities emerge and Ivy got her name because she is a climber!

Baba (now 2 1/2 years old) will always be more shy and cautious because she was socialized to people a bit later in life, but her foster mom, just like our Director, earned her trust and they, too, became fast friends. She seeks her out for pets and ear scratches. Baba LOVES the bathroom! So funny to us because she had never been in a home before we placed her in our foster home (and all of our kitties are strictly indoor-only), but to choose her favorite place as a bathroom with such noisy things as the water that goes on in the sink, shower, and toilet, etc. is quite amazing! When her foster mom is in there, she goes running to her and will rub her legs, and roll over by her feet, wanting attention. "Toilet Time" is important to Baba! Baba also enjoys looking out the window from her cat tree at the birds and squirrels. Baba also loves to play! She is often the initiator of a game of chase through the home with her offspring! She also loves catnip toys, and comically, she adores this giant stuffed blueberry that was part of a cat bed "fruit tarte" and will carry it around in her mouth and meow announcing her capture of the wild blueberry. It's adorable.

While all of Baba's kittens have been around people since the moment they were born, they are all individuals, just like people, and Ivy is just shy by nature. It might be why she gravitated to Baba, and Baba to her, and they are so bonded. Baba sees Ivy's need for reassurance and gladly provides it. When we had to take the kittens in for their series of kitten shots, when Ivy got home, she would run out of the carry to Baba (almost as if telling on us humans and the awful thing we had done by taking her to the vet) where Baba would comfort and snuggle her. The sweet thing is, is that Ivy returns the favor. Baba is so good with all of her kittens, and grooms and cares for them all (even though they are now all 1 1/2 years old), but Ivy is the only one that cleans and takes care of her mom. It is so sweet, and we have the most precious video of them doing it (see our facebook page). Ivy loves to run and chase with Baba, and play with wand toys - especially 'Da Bird! She loves to nap and cuddle with Baba, but she also likes that one-on-one time with her human as well. She will snuggle up with her foster mom in bed and likes the personal attention - it's when she purrs the loudest.

Clearly, Baba and Ivy love each other so much and are so attached. They need a foster home together (and ultimately, and adoptive home together! The matches we look for in our foster homes for our animals that meet their needs and wants are identical to those we look for in our adoptive families, so it's not surprising that we have a very high foster-to-adopt rate! While not a necessity to foster, we love when it happens :-) ).

Our other pair of best friends needing a foster home together is Baloo and Pip. Baloo and Pip are very outgoing with not just their foster mom, but with guests that come over, too. Baloo is definitely the leader of this dynamic duo and wherever Baloo goes, Pip goes. Whatever Baloo does, Pip does. It's pretty darn cute! They are ALWAYS together! Baloo is a helper kitty. Whatever you are doing, she is going to be there to help, and supervise. Cooking? She'll be on the counter making sure you get the recipe just right. Working on your computer. She will keep her eye on you from her cat tree. But she may fall asleep while doing so. She is an incredibly relaxed cat and loves her naps! She will fall asleep in some of the most awkward positions. Pip is the family princess. She's pretty, and she knows it. She will flirt for pets, but once you give them to her, she will shy away. Then she will circle back for more. I want it...but I don't...no, wait, I want it! She does like being the center of attention. If the other kitties are getting attention and pets, she will come running from another room to make sure she gets pets, too! Pip is really funny in that she likes sleeping on top of the other cats. Yes, on top. Including on top of her mom, Baba who is half her size! Both Baloo and Pip enjoy cuddling in bed with their foster mom (a foster who allows kitties in bed is a must. Is there a cat lover out there that doesn't allow cats in bed? Can we even call said person a cat person)? As young kitties, these girls also like to play. 'Da Bird is a popular one among this little family.

Pip was diagnosed with Juvenile Periodontitis, an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks the plaque on the teeth, even when there isn't much visible to the human eye. As a result, her gums are bright red and it has cause some gum recession (even though she is not even 2 years old) as well as loss of ligamental attachment and bone loss. We had her seen by our veterinary dental specialist and the best way to treat this condition (and decrease the chance of it developing into more global mouth inflammation which is a more serious condition) is to remove the affected teeth, so very soon, she will have partial mouth extractions of her molars and premolars. If this surgery doesn't resolve the inflammation in her mouth, she will need to have the rest of her teeth removed. We know this can sound scary to people! But for the kitty, their mouths feel so much better! We have had several cats in our program who have needed most, and even all of their teeth removed and they do wonderfully! Cats' jaws are hinged - they don't chew their food, they gulp it (and all MPA kitties eat species appropriate wet and/or raw food diets). They do just fine with no teeth!

Again, we are looking for 2 separate foster homes - 1 for each pair. In this little family of 4, they have paired off by themselves based on their needs and shown us who they are compatible with which helps us give them what they need to live their best lives. Now all we need is you. If as you read you say to yourself, "That's me they're talking about!" then please, do the natural thing. The thing we were all put on this earth to do. Help others in need. And help a pair of these girls by becoming their foster parent(s) by going to www.milwaukeepetsalive.org/foster and complete and return a foster application without delay. If we are not describing you in what they need, ask yourself, "Who do I know that IS this person?" and please reach out to them on our behalf and get them in touch with us. This is community by definition. And this is how we create the best one around, and in helping the most innocent among us, as our amazing foster families learn, we help ourselves.

We would love to see both pairs in similar foster homes because we think its the best environment for both, but for different reasons (Baba and Ivy because they are shy and sensitive; Baloo and Pip - are very bold and outgoing, but as Pip has an autoimmune condition, she needs a low-stress lifestyle for optimal health and well-being) though there are slightly different characteristics to which Baloo and Pip could succeed in, which we will describe. Both sets of girls need adult-only, quiet, peaceful, and low-stress homes with a foster parent or parents (in the case of a couple) that can be described as the same. Baba and Ivy are scared of strangers so need a foster home without a lot of guests coming and going (we don't want them to be terrified in their own home). For Baloo and Pip, they could do okay in a home with a mellow high-school-aged child in the home if they are calm and mellow and maintain that vibe in the home keeping in mind that Baloo and Pip need a zen existence to keep stress low for Pip (as autoimmune conditions are exacerbated by stress).

Ivy and Baba need to be the only animals in the home - and we'd prefer the same for Pip and Baloo. Two companion animals is a great number and completes a home! Absolutely no dogs for either pair. For Baloo and Pip we would consider a home with just one resident young male cat that is young, playful, fun-loving, and non-dominant (as we don't want to cause stress to Pip).

Animals are family to us in this organization - as we want to show the world they are. But these are living, loving beings that need your love an interaction - both pairs in several of the same ways, but also in different ways. Our foster parents love our animals as their very own (which is why we have so many foster parents who adopt!). Fostering, to us, is not simply putting a roof over animals' heads. We look for foster parents who engage and want to spend time with our precious family members. They enter into the relationship unselfishly with the one desire to help sweet animals who really need them (and in doing so, receive in return, more than they can ever imagine). Baba and Ivy are scared of strangers - and you will be a stranger to them at first. They need a patient and understand parent(s) who will help them feel safe, confident, and secure and earn their trust so they know they can receive your gentle petting, snuggles, and play like the young cats they are! In our other pair, Pip who has Juvenile Periodontitis, we are not certain if this one surgery will resolve the inflammation in her mouth, or if she will need more, but a supportive, tranquil environment will give her the best chance that it will and will not evolve into a more significant mouth condition. We will be starting some at-home dental care and she will need follow up care with her primary vet and dental specialist.

All of our foster homes must be able to commit to our foster animals for as long as they need and until they are adopted. Change is very difficult on cats, especially those with special considerations. A stable home and lifestyle for our foster parents is very important for the animals we entrust in their care.

Our foster parents must also be located in either Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Waukesha, or Ozaukee counties for ease of interaction with our organization (we are very involved with our foster families and work together to benefit our animals!).

We all have our work, friends, and other activities. Our animal companions have only us - which makes it so great to have pairs of animals who love each other so when we are away, they have each other. Who will be the lucky persons to help our girls (and get so much back in return from them in their gratitude)? Send in an application - we need one completed to consider anyone for fostering through our organization.

Baba & Ivy, and Baloo & Pip (and we humans at MPA) can't wait to hear from you!

Location: Your home!

Training: Application, background check, home visit, and new foster orientation required.

Time Commitment: Complete. Cat Foster Parents must be fully committed and dedicated to the animals in their care for as long as they need and until adoption.

Travel: Required to transport foster cats in your care to veterinary appointments, etc.

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