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Physical exertion

Booth team

In groups of two, set up 6’ tables , 2 chairs, and a tablecloth in each booth. Pre-race and post-race shifts available.


Finish line volunteer

Chip timing used to determine runners’ placement in the race cannot track whether people are running with dogs or not. We give first, second, and third place awards for those running with dogs, so a volunteer is needed to stand at the finish line and record the bib numbers of the first, second, and third runners with dogs to cross the finish line.


Food booth

Set out complimentary bagels and fruit at the food booth. Staff booth during race to inform participants that food is free and make sure no loose dogs eat everything. Gather leftover food and pack up serving trays after race. All shifts available.


Foster dog helpers

Our dog fosters need help holding their dogs during the day. Foster dog helpers also keep an eye on the crowd for potentially unfriendly dogs or small children who are approaching the dogs without asking or behaving inappropriately (i.e. putting their faces down by the dogs’ faces, yanking tails and ears). People experienced with dog behavior who recognize subtle warning signs of a stressed dog are especially needed. Volunteers may need to help dog fosters to and from their vehicles if they are bringing multiple foster dogs. Physical exertion depends on the size of the dog.


Hospitality team

Assist sponsors, vendors, and rescues with booth set-up and take-down. Be available to sponsors, vendors, and rescues during the day if they need assistance. Exertion depends on nature of assistance required. Ability to lift and carry large, heavy items over long distances is a plus. All shifts are available, but the most assistance will be needed during set-up and take-down.


PetPromise booth

Set up, staff, and pack up the PetPromise booth . Sell merchandise, answer public inquiries, and take donations during the race. All shifts available.



Take pictures throughout the day in the park and on the race course. Physical exertion depends on distance walked. Need own camera. Photos become property of PetPromise.


Race course dog safety monitors

Stand along race course and take dogs back to park if they get tired. Dog owners hand off dogs if they want to continue the race; safety monitors affix tag to dog’s collar or leash to identify owner and walk the dog back to information booth. May need to carry a dog.


Registration set-up

Organize race bags, distribute pens and other materials, set up registration lines.


Registration team

Check in race participants at the registration booth.


Sanitation team/ trash & recycling bins

Set up cardboard 55-gallon trash and recycling bins in and around park. Collect bags of trash/recycling and take down bins. Pre-race and post-race shifts available.


Sanitation team/park clean up

If we leave McFerson Commons park littered with trash and doggie doo, Columbus Parks and Rec will be very unhappy with PetPromise. These volunteers walk the park and pick up litter and dog droppings after take-down (approximately 1 PM to 2 PM). They also skim the top off any overflowing city trash cans located on the park property, because those are actually not supposed to be used for trash disposal during events, but there’s no way to stop people.


Sanitation team/race course clean up

If we leave the streets of downtown Columbus covered in doggie doo, the city isn’t going to approve our permit to hold the race next year. Volunteers are needed to walk the race course after the race to pick up dog droppings, water bottles, or other trash that is identifiable as coming from the race.


Stage team

Unload, assemble, disassemble, and load the stage. Need to be physically able to handle heavy, bulky objects - the stage is in 4ft 2 sections.


Tent team

In groups of four, set up 10 x 10 tents at the park before the race and take down the tents afterwards. Pre-race and post-race shifts available.


Unload at storage unit

After everything is packed back up in the trailer, we have to take tents, etc. back to the PetPromise storage unit at 4616 Kenny Road. Volunteers need transportation to the storage unit. We usually have everything packed and ready to take to storage between 1:30 and 2:00 PM.


Water team

Place swimming pools and buckets around park and race course and fill with water. Monitor water level in pools and buckets, refilling if necessary, during race. Empty pools and buckets after race. All shifts available.



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