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Photography and Skilled Volunteering In An African Primate Sanctuary

If you are a photographer or have a background in marketing, film, IT or fundraising, or skills such as carpentry, gardening and veterinary are needed to support this photography and skills volunteering in an African primate sanctuary. The sanctuary is open to the public and the monkeys in the sanctuary roam freely as they would in the wild. Around 450 apes, monkeys and lemurs live at the sanctuary, including gibbons, capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, miniature monkeys, vervets, and showler monkeys. The aim is to educate visitors about primates and the threats they are facing including the adverse effects of keeping primates and birds as pets, in terms of both physical and psychological health.

Photography, social media updates, and education at the sanctuary are important in communicating the monkey’s stories and the rapid decline of natural habitats due to logging, mining, agriculture and human settlements. With a large number of primates to support the care of the animals is of utmost importance and the staff are kept busy maintaining enclosures and habitats as well as ensuring the adherence to health and safety standards. Volunteer with us in South Africa to capture the monkey’s stories, educate tourists and to maintain the primate sanctuary through raising funds to secure the future of the sanctuary.

Photography and Conservation Project In Kruger, South Africa

Volunteer on an incredible wildlife photography and conservation project in Kruger, South Africa while developing your skills. You will attend a course and put your skills into action whilst participating in essential conservation education and activities in the Greater Kruger Area. These activities take place in association with wildlife trusts and other foundations to help to promote these foundations through social media. An area famous for the Big 5, what better location could you chose to develop your wildlife photography skills? You will photograph large animals such as elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard, as well as smaller creatures such as chameleons, insects, reptiles and some of the 521 bird species that call the Greater Kruger area home.
The photographs are used by a local foundation to help them with their community project which aims to educate individuals living alongside the wildlife about conservation. This project really is a unique opportunity to encounter some of Africa’s most beautiful animals on a daily basis, to improve your photography skills, as well as to contribute to conservation efforts in the Greater Kruger area.

Wildlife and Community Internship in South Africa

Join this wildlife and community Internship in South Africa and develop essential skills linked to animal and habitat conservation, and community development. Through hands on and field based experience you will become familiar with the Big 5 - lion, leopards, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The project focuses on wildlife research, conservation techniques, game reserve management and community outreach. The project team spend time viewing game out of vehicles, tracking and monitoring animal movements as well as collecting data on populations. The data is used to look for challenges facing different species. An internship in South Africa is an amazing opportunity for those who want to learn more about wildlife conservation and is a great opportunity for students, graduates and those looking for that all important career change.

Volunteer with the Big 5 in Port Elizabeth

Volunteer with the big 5 in Port Elizabeth and have an amazing time working on this game reserve where you will have an incredible opportunity to work with South Africa’s big 5: lion, African elephant, cape buffalo, rhino and leopard. This impressive game reserve is situated in the Eastern Cape (85km out of Port Elizabeth towards Grahamstown) and spans over 6000 hectares. The emphasis at this game reserve is on wildlife and conservation. The reserve has a predator educational and rehabilitation centre, which houses endangered and orphaned predators such as the rare Bengal tigers, wild dogs, white lions and many more. An elephant sanctuary has also been built along with a reptile sanctuary. Volunteering on this project will give you an amazing experience whilst making a difference to the lives and futures of South African wildlife.

Veterinarian Internship in South Africa

Participate in a veterinarian internship in South Africa at a premier game reserve developing your knowledge of diagnosing and treating wildlife in their natural habitats and the challenges being faced in preservation the future of South Africa’s abundant wildlife. Habitat maintenance and conservation work are extremely important to ensure that wildlife and humans are safe. You will have the opportunity to work on activities focused on South Africa’s big 5; lion: African elephant, Cape Buffalo, rhino and leopard. The reserve is home to 2000 wild animals on its 6000 acre site and also has a predator educational and rehabilitation centre, which houses endangered and orphaned predators such as white lions, cheetahs and many more. It’s an amazing opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the world’s endangered species in their natural habitats, as well as participating in essential day to day conservation activities as well as widening your knowledge of veterinary practices.

Pre-Veterinary Internship in South Africa

Develop your interests and studies in a veterinary science or animal welfare by participating in this pre-veterinary internship in South Africa headed by an experienced and qualified botanist. You will be able to develop your practical skills and knowledge by working alongside local wildlife expert in 3 different settings; with African wildlife on game reserves, with livestock on farms and domestic animals in rural villages and townships. It really is a varied placement and you will have the opportunity to be exposed to large and small animals living from mice to monkeys in various locations, from the bush to the home.

The nature of the work is demand driven as veterinarians and wildlife experts respond to their needs. Animal welfare is of primary importance and where possible human intervention is avoided, especially with game wildlife as these animals can often be unpredictable and dangerous. In South Africa domestic animals are not always treated very well and it is a high priority to raise the profile of good practices and this projects links with top animal welfare agencies such as SPCA. Join this placement and develop your skills and knowledge of conservation and animal management while assisting with the important issue of animal welfare in South Africa.

Permaculture and Horticulture Internship in South Africa

Participate in promoting environmental awareness within African Communities, and combating Climate Change and develop your own knowledge and skills by joining this exciting permaculture and horticulture internship in South Africa. Join this exciting and fast-growing Environmental Social Enterprise and put your greening skills to use through a project focused on urban greening, reforestation, and eco-education and inspire people from around the world and making greening enjoyable.

Even though the project only started in September 2010 it has already been responsible for the planting of over 18,000 trees in over 200 beneficiary schools, as well as deforested areas. This is an amazing achievement especially as the community has been heavily involved in the initiatives, getting their hands dirty, learning a lot and loving it. The project has a tree nursery and vegetable garden in Cape Town, and as a Permaculture/Horticulture Intern, you will spend a great deal of time at these centres. The aim is to develop the nursery into a showcase of urban growing as an area where the project can host and educate anyone interested in learning how cities can become more self-sufficient, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rhino, Elephant and Big Cat Research and Conservation in Kruger

Volunteer in South Africa and work on incredible Rhino, Elephant and Big Cat Research and Conservation in Kruger home to the Big 5. The Greater Kruger area is home to lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and leopard, as well as over 400 species of birds. This project aims to share data with large scale projects, conservation agencies and the authorities to protect habitats and species and to help with education of humans to reduce their impact. Game drives are an important aspect of this placement.

African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour

Have an incredible closeup experience traveling and seeing species in their natural habitats on this African Marine and Wildlife Volunteer Adventure Tour. You will learn about the underwater world and marine research in Mozambique and also gain an international diving qualification. In Kruger you will see the Big 5 and more such as the wild dog on a 5 day safari with field guides who share with you the challenges facing endangered and captivating species. In Swaziland, you will experience the savanna, monitoring species such as guinea fowl, tortoises, birds of prey, bats and more. If you are studying marine biology, zoology, conservation or wildlife management or are just passionate about wildlife this tour is perfect for you. Join us for an adventure of a lifetime where you will make new friends, gain new skills and learn an incredible amount about wildlife.

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